ENTERTAINMENT: Ghostbusters Trailer Release!

I have to start this by saying that whilst yes I am a Sony Pictures employee but I’m also a Ghostbusters OG (as much as an 80’s baby can be) and I can easily say I wasn’t thrilled with Spectre, so hopefully that gives me a little cred and you won’t totally write off my review to bias (because I loved it).

After 30 years and in a flurry of Hollywood reboots, the Ghostbusters franchise is set to release it’s third installment this July 15. The official trailer was released on Wednesday, which actually started off pretty painful for me seeing I’m super susceptible to FOMO. I work on the television side of Sony Pictures and I was stuck in a budget review that was conveniently located feet away from the Ghostbusters red carpet fan party happening outside. Literally close enough to see lightbulb flashes from photographers bounce off the screen in front of us and hear the theme song chants… Despite this slight setback the rest of the day was fun with a flurry of fan invasions (including me), all dressed in character (unfortunately not me) to check out the ECTO- 1 cars and various Ghostbusters attractions we have here on the lot.

Ghostbusters Car

I really did love the trailer. I know there has been mixed reviews concerning the all female cast (Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones) and quality of humor. I however, love that we are giving some of today’s great female comedians a chance to rework a classic and add their brand of comedy to the mix. I think we have to remember this isn’t a reimagining of a classic, it’s a reboot, a new start a continuation of a great story and formula.

When asked about the all female cast, Bill Murray was quoted by TIFF as saying “I’m fine with it, I would go to that movie, and they’d probably have better outfits, too.” Which segues nicely to my next point – the jumpsuit. I’m really happy they kept the aesthetic in line with it’s iconic male predecessors and didn’t try to create a sexualized “female” version. I feel like it brings more legitimacy to the changed casting and helps keep focus on the individuality of the characters and it’s ultimate #girlgang appeal. Lovingly dubbed the “ugly” jumpsuit, Kate McKinnon recently praised director Paul Feig for using the traditional silhouette stating “It sounds like a small thing that I got to wear pants and have my hair up, but it’s actually a really big thing because we were playing scientists. Women playing scientists, wearing jumpsuits, kind of ugly jumpsuits. And they made dolls of this! That has never happened! No cleavage. Dolls.”



I personally love a good jumpsuit, always have, so I’d be happy to see a RTW version…although I’m thinking the Halloween costume is likely to result first 😉  Feel free to check it out for yourself in the trailer below:



Photography: Jordana Ripp and official images from Ghostbusters and Sony Pictures

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