ENTERTAINMENT: The Colorfully Monster Imagination of Lara Wirth

Lara Wirth Special Effects Artist Australia

I’m very visual, I like to work in, with and around color whenever I can. Looking at my desk, it’s a chaotic splash of brightly colored folders, markers and images inclusive of a rainbow messed notepad of nonsensical shapes and drawings. For me color breeds creativity and keeps my brain active and engaged. For 16 year old Lara Wirth, color is tangible and can be manipulated into the most fantastical of imaginative outlets – Special Effects.

The young Australian based, self taught artist began experimenting with body art and prosthetics after stumbling upon TV show FaceOff. Extending her skills through YouTube tutorials, Lara’s creations tend to sway between reptile-like nautical fantasy, fairy creatures and monster macabre. A common romantically dramatic thread ties her body of work with a sense of continuity and specialty, creating her own artistic signature. Drawn to her use of color and her ability to bring it to life in such a creative way, I stole a couple minutes of Lara’s time to chat about how she got started and her creative inspirations.

What prompted you to start and what was your first monster creation?
I was prompted to start after falling in love with the reality TV series FaceOff. I had wanted to have a go at it for a number of years but didn’t think it possible, and then after finding tutorials on the internet and YouTube it seemed achievable all of a sudden and so I went out, got some stuff, and gave it a crack. My first creation was a recreation of a super simple leopard by Madeyewlook and my first original creation that I was at the time super proud of was a blue zombie body paint. My first monster prosthetic was a green and gold parasite.

What films/artwork inspire your creativity?
Artworks from people like Zach Dunn and Turkey Merck really inspire me as well as fantasy/sci-fi movies with cool creatures. Also just things in nature like reptiles inspire me with their shapes and patterns and colours.

If you could transform into anything for Halloween, what would it be?
Probably my blue monster that is currently my profile picture on Instagram and Facebook.

If you could put together a look that involved your favorite fashion style and your art, what would it involve?
I would love to do a bohemian style elf/fairy type look with intricate tattoo patterns and prosthetics to make her one with nature. Like have vines covering and going though her with iridescent scales or something ethereal.

What advice would you give young aspiring creatives such as yourself?
Don’t hesitate at giving it a go! It seems big and scary but if you take your time you can get really good and have a lot of fun with it! I’ve started a Youtube channel to try and help get people involved and teach what I have learnt.

Lara Wirth Special Effects Artist Australia Lara Wirth Special Effects Artist Australia

Lara Wirth Special Effects Artist Australia

Lara Wirth Special Effects Artist Australia

For more of Lara’s creative world, find her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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