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Farewell Perth Style, Hello Unscrippted!

Jordana Ripp

This change has been coming for awhile now and I’m sure if you were there with me from the beginning you certainly would have noticed the evolution from the Perth Style of 2012 to Perth Style of 2014. Starting out as a creative space for myself and close friend Jen to collaborate and put together our views on local, national and international fashion and beauty trends, PS has given us the opportunity to work with some amazing designers, models, photographers, retailers and so many more industry influencers. During the last two years I’ve had the opportunity to attend two New York Fashion Week seasons and continuing on with Jen to trek across the rest of the US exploring the fashion climate change. We were involved in Perth Fashion Festival, made it over to Sydney and Melbourne for their respective fashion weeks and have had so many fun experiences and met so many amazing people along the way.

Perth Style428029_10151371142465473_1357071869_n

Perth Style Behind the Scenes shooting Ae'lkemi

Perth Style Behind the Scenes shooting Ae’lkemi

With Jen’s amazing career in hairdressing having taken off over the last year, which has lead to her taking a back seat in the day to day running of the blog, the result has been a slow progression into more of my own personal views and experiences, including some of my own personal styling pieces. It was at this point  late last year I realized that what I was working on wasn’t really Perth Style anymore. With much contemplation, thought, pro and con lists, advice seeking, tech exploration a couple dream heavy nights, I finally decided it was time to bid farewell to the Perth Style chapter and open an Unscrippted one.

Other than name and address change, there isn’t going to be a whole lot different to what you have been seeing over the last few months. There will be more of a personal presence and it will certainly read more like a blog as opposed to the more conversational reporting style of PS. My aim is to express all aspects of my life that are near and dear to me, be that fashion, art, beauty, technology, fitness, travel, you name it, if I love it, it’ll cameo on Unscrippted.

For Love and Lemons 6Jordana Ripp

Unscrippted to me has so many meanings. In a literal sense it’s about leading a unscripted life, not having to conform if you don’t want to, not having your life planned down to a T and embracing change. I have had the opportunity to do a lot of travel in my life, having moved back and forth from the States several times, so the importance of embracing change has been instilled in me from a young age. I have great admiration for my parents who were able to shift our little family back and forth, insuring that whilst change is inevitable, we always had a sense of home. This penchant for adventure certainly rubbed off on my sister and I, to the point that Farrin has been pretty hard to pin down since she finished high school. At any given time it’s not a surprise to find her snorkeling in the Maldives, bungy jumping in New Zealand, trekking through South America, being chased by bulls in Spain, air ballooning in Turkey or chatting to the locals in Cuba (I could go on…). My sense of adventure sways slightly toward the Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Milano, and Lorcarno’s of the world, but that might have a little to do with my fashion obsession 😉

My first fashion strut in hometown San Diego

My first fashion strut in hometown San Diego

You may have noticed the extra “p” in Unscrippted – this is a nod to my last name Ripp – a bespoke meaning of the word, a representation of me. Side note: I was born in San Diego at Scripps Hospital so the name really was meant to be!

I had intended this to be just a short intro but it seems I had more to say than I thought! Heads up – over the next couple of days the blog may have a slower loading times and you may see discrepancies where Perth Style is still stated – bare with me as I get all my ducks in a row.  I’m still working on what to do with the Facebook and YouTube account as it’s not an easy name change fix, if anyone has any advice, send it my way, otherwise I’ll meet you on that Unscrippted flipside.



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