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I’ve only been downtown a couple times since I arrived in LA but in the brief encounters I’ve had have been enough to realise it really is it’s own little world. Corner-stoned by the business and fashion districts, the city is filled with contrasting old and new, decay and regeneration, restaurant and bar hot spots, high rise, low rise, cracked pavement, rich history and a sea of amazing street art. Exploring new cities are always fun but you learn quickly in LA, that having a good plan and idea of where you want to go when you are downtown, 1) helps minimise travel time (can take at least an hour to get anywhere in lalaland traffic) and 2) avoids taking that unexpected turn into sketch-ville (there are some pretty shady areas so staying safe and knowing where you are is a must).

Heading Arts District way is like a wonderland of street art and texture. Every corner offers a chance to be in awe of this creative town. We spent a couple hours with the aim of getting a few shots of the rad Cotton Candy LA romper I was wearing but left knowing I definitely needed to head back with my camera and just wander through it’s vast expression of street art.

Romper: Cotton Candy LA

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Mala Beads: Tiny Devotions



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