FASHION: Escape with Dead Studios and The Getty Museum

The Getty Museum Los Angeles

It’s 4am and I’m wide awake, I’m a terrible sleeper so this is not unusual. I grab my phone, it’s not there, it’s on the floor. I roll over far enough for my fingers to reach and pull it towards me. Picking it up, I turn it over and my brand new iPhone 7 plus has a nice big crack radiating down the screen… WTF!? Ok ok, it happens, we all know iPhone screens break, at least I have Apple Care… I start flipping through my emails and there is an alert from my bank saying I’m over drawn… umm unless I was sleep shopping, how is this possible (I did hesitate on this for a second as I have done this before when I couldn’t sleep and was bored :/ )??? I quickly check my bank app and see that my cable/wifi provider has billed me twice by mistake. Now in the past this may not have been such a big deal and I would have dealt with it, but when you are trying to carve out your second career in Hollywood where wages aren’t what they are in Australia, mistakes like this matter. Trying to stay calm but realizing I literally have no money until pay-day, I check what time the bank opens and decide to get up early and be there for the 8am open time.

At 7:59am I’m staring at the sign on the bank’s shiny glass door and it says “Open: 9am – 5pm”. Ok so Google is clearly not my friend today either, I’ll have to go at lunch. I head to the bus stop and as I step up, I somehow miss, headbutt the person in front of me and spill coffee and handbag contents everywhere. Even the homeless man who I’ve taken to calling Fred (he corrects me with a different name daily) that rides the bus with me, laughed hysterically, so safe to say I really should have gone home and started the day again. As far as first world problems go, this was crappy but when you are chasing dreams, sometimes the shittiness of a morning amongst the palm trees, in a relative LA paradise, can seem mockingly magnified.

Luckily when things do feel magnified, this creatively inspiring town can lift you up, even if you are on a tight budget. The Getty Museum is one of my favorite escapes and the bonus is it’s free to the public and it’s super close to my house. Located atop West LA, I can choose to be calibrated by the clean lines of Richard Meier’s estate architecture, inspired by the city views, lost in the cultural exhibits or lizard laze on the lawn amongst the flora, close my eyes and just breathe.

It’s cultural escapes like these that make waking up at 4am to find your phone broken, your account overdrawn, the bank shut and a Dick Van Dyke tumble onto the bus, worthwhile.

Getty Museum with Dead Studios Los AngelesGetty Museum with Dead Studios Los AngelesGetty Museum with Dead Studios Los AngelesGetty Museum with Dead Studios Los AngelesGetty Museum with Dead Studios Los Angeles

I tend to live in athleisure these days and I love that I get to support talented friends from back home. Helmed by Sam Moore, Dead Studios always has the best quality fit and feel and the boldest of simple design, taking your regular athleisure staples to the next level.


Crop Top: Dead Studios – Raceway Long Sleeve Tee

Tights: Dead Studio – Studio Tights

Shoes: Converse


The Getty Museum


Von Jera Photography

Jordana Ripp

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