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FASHION: In-N-Out Is Always In Style

In N Out California Fashion

Growing up with In-N-Out, it was the assumed treat after volleyball and diving practice, it was my favorite food truck at school and was the destination for many a birthday party and after school hang during the 90’s. I now live very close to In-N-Out’s Westwood location and clearly nothings changed, it’s always packed with teens and college kids from UCLA and other nearby schools.

A couple years ago when I was still living back in Australia, I heard In-N-Out  was doing a pop up in Sydney. I was a little confused as to what the fuss was all about and why Aussies were so excited for a burger chain that growing up, I thought was as normal as McDonald’s or Pizza Hut. The marketer in me was curious.

To Australian’s, In-N-Out represents a slice of California yesteryear where summer, surf, burgers and palm trees signify a fun carefree lifestyle, which is not far off a typical Aussie ethos. Collectively Aussies love to travel, explore new experiences and definitely a good bbq burger, so when you bring an unavailably popular brand to our shores, make it in short supply, pop it up in a word-of-mouth location, you are no doubt going to create a love fest.

Most reports on the Aussie success of In-N-Out attribute it to quality product, however I think the biggest driver has been the strong branding, personality and exclusivity. Most Aussies won’t have actually experienced an In-N-Out burger before lining up for hours to buy one at a Sydney pop up. So what convinces them? The pop-culturally recognizable logo and brand consistency have helped the company uphold it’s claim to that 50’s summer lovin feel, making it the experience unique to Australians. Of course quality product is what will keep your customers coming back and In-N-Out literally has this in the bag with a simple All-American menu and widely known “secret” one. Thanks to social media reach, this family run business has global fans, that whilst they can only tangibly reach the product when they are on California soil, are still dedicated and keep the company’s 3 million strong social fanbase going stong.

Keep doing what you’re doing In-N-Out, we clearly love it!

In-N-Out Los Angeles Fashion In-N-Out Los Angeles FashionIn-N-Out Los Angeles Fashion


Croped Sweater: Londunn x Missguided Fleeceback

Track Pants: Londunn x Missguided Black Mesh Joggers

Platform Slides: Katy Perry Collection – The Tracey

Sunnies: RainbowOptx


In-N-Out Westwood


Von Jera Photography

Jordana Ripp

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