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I have a slight obsession when it comes to the all in one – throw a jacket on it in Winter and it’s a Winter outfit, go ‘as is’ and it’s a Summer outfit, it’s my fail safe fashion for those days when I seemingly can’t pull off a pair of plain black pants and feel like burning my closet as a consequence. My section of onsies (the wearable in public kind, not the panda/giraffe/koala kind – although this may be debatable) always means I have a go to, easy, fast fashion solution. I’m finding that the older I get, the more appealing fast fashion has become. I have never been one to spend hours getting ready but now it’s getting a bit beyond a joke, if all I have to do is step into it and it looks good then bang I’m sold. This may simply be due to, like everyone, my time poor existence or merely that I’ve become lazier, either way I’m celebrating all things jumpsuit today!

Romper: Nasty Gal Total Stud Jumpsuit


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