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Lace. Inspiring the romantic, feminine and whimsical in all who wear it. Traditionally this delicate open weaved artwork has been reserved for more luxurious fashions such as occasion/formal wear, wedding gowns and undergarments, however today we are seeing lace pop up in all manners… and it’s not for the faint hearted… it’s edgy, it’s seductive, it’s flirty whilst still managing to capture that historic romance that intertwines each weaved pattern. From maxi’s to shifts, crops to bells and jackets to shoes, there aren’t many garment forms that haven’t been reworked to incorporate this latest lace trend.

Like my playsuit/jumpsuit obsession, my lace obsession has been all encompassing and seems that everything I’ve been gravitating to has been white and lacy… in fact if I found a playsuit made of lace I’d be one happy chappy (so if you see any, send them my way!)! Daydreaming and longing for those long warm days, sunlit waters and barefoot dalliances this collection is inspired by some of my favourite boho brands; Spell and the Gypsy Collective, For Love and Lemons and Grace Loves Lace, along with some intermingled tumblr and pinterest.


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