FASHION: LA Motel Blues with Spell Designs (My Retrospect)

Los Angeles Jordana Ripp

It’s taken me a little while to get here, back to a place where life is on track and I’m feeling creatively inspired again. This last year has been one of my hardest but also the best to date. If you’re familiar with Unscrippted, you’ll already know that last year I moved from Perth, Australia to Los Angeles. The goal was to steer my career into entertainment and after a year of settling into a new country, finding apartments, traveling, making amazing new friends, exploring, knocking on doors, having days where I just didn’t want to get out of bed followed by days where I couldn’t wait to get out of bed… that figurative door finally opened. I can now breathe and take a good look back on the year and be proud of what it took to get here and grateful to the family and friends that helped me along the way.

I’m now working in TV for a Hollywood studio and finding my inspiration from the creative world creep back in. With new life perspective and motivations, I’m rejuvenating Unscrippted to encompass not only my obsession of fashion and travel, but an incorporation of my life in entertainment and an exploration of the creative side that guided me into a relationship with photography, fashion and film. Bear with me, I’m still working out how to cohesively meld the three into something representative, but in the meantime I’ve put together some images with friend and photographer Peter Adams to give you an idea of the creative space I’m reaching for.

Los Angeles Jordana Ripp Los Angeles Jordana Ripp Los Angeles Jordana Ripp Jordana Ripp Los Angeles Motel 4Los Angeles Jordana Ripp Los Angeles Jordana Ripp


Location: Los Angeles, California

Jumpsuit: Spell DesignsHotel Paradiso Onsie

Jewelry: Tiny Devotions

Photography: Peter D. Adams Photography


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