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FASHION: The Art-Eat-Art World of Melrose Ave

Melrose Ave California

Vintage, art, graffiti, flea markets, high end, budget wares and a whole lot of personality. Melrose Ave is as diverse as Los Angeles itself, a street art gallery in the most literal sense and definitely my favorite spot for finding some of the most unique pieces in both my wardrobe and home. On the first Sunday after probably the most controversal election in US history, we distracted ourselves by spending the morning drinking coffee, people-watching, roaming with the camera, capturing elements of both the mainstay and new political art and reflecting on the relative quiet afterΒ what was a very noisy week.

Melrose Ave Fashion Melrose Avenue Tiny DevotionsMelrose Avenue CaliforniaMelrose Ave FashionMelrose Avenue Tiny Devotions Melrose Ave FashionMelrose Ave FashionMelrose Ave FashionMelrose Ave Fashion


Sunglasses: Hello Parry

Dress and Belt: Wasteland

Boots: Sbicca Footwear

Mala Bracelet and Ring: Tiny Devotions

Photographer: Jon Vera

Location: Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

Jordana Ripp

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