FASHION: Shag Coats with a Side of Retro Bernie

Jordana Ripp Shag Jacket LA

I’ve never been one to get super political.

My Dad is.

I’d like to blame my Father and his over arching views that led me to lazily following his lead when it came to the polls, however I really can’t. My Dad is a very smart and worldly man, so trusting his opinions has never been a challenge (making my lazy political decisions very easy). It took putting a continent between us and a childlike twitter monger to rise to power, for me to actually start forming my own views. If there is any (any ANY?) benefit to Trump’s reign, it’s that motivated back seat riders like myself are waking up to take notice.

There is a famously unused little coffee shop on the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax that sits stoic in it’s 1960’s garb. During the lead up to the election, steadfast Bernie Sanders supporters decorated the spot with posters and promotional imagery reminiscent of rallies in the 60’s. Garnering exposure and support for their candidate, the location continues to stand in solidarity. Used as the backdrop for many a film, Johnie’s Coffee Shop is a character of America’s yesteryear and an unmistaken contrast to it’s surrounds. Standing between Johnie’s political uproar (and ironically futuristic look for it’s time) and the modern-day futuristic facade of the Petersen Automotive Museum across the road, speaks to the many personalities and agendas of this city.

I’m always looking for interesting and story-like locations to shoot, which in this city we have no shortage of. It’s a my way of learning, exploring, expressing myself in a creative visual way and in this instance celebrating the history of a community that says #MakeLoveNotWall.

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Sunnies: Sunnyside LA

Shag Jacket: Make Me Chic Pink Faux Fur Jacket

Crop Top: Naked Wardrobe

Denim: Urban Outfitters

Boots: Make Me Chic Metallic Pointed Boots


Johnie’s Coffee Shop


Mike Paskin Photography

Jordana Ripp

Find me on Instagram! @jordanaripp and @unscrippted

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