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With all this cold wet weather, I’ve been spending a bit of time daydreaming of holiday escapes and bucket list travels. Right now, I’d give anything to be swanning around the Greek Isles, with that sapphire blue ocean, brilliant white structures and warm sunkissed skin. It has to be better than huddling on this couch wrapped in blankets, heater blaring, beanie pulled a little too far down my forehead and laptop to provide lap warmth…

Luckily last weekend we had an amazing few days of sunlight which I’m sure every personal style blogger in Perth was eternally grateful for. With my fictional Greek Island holiday in mind, I grabbed my awesome new Ena Pelly City Tube Skirt, one of my favourite maxi’s from the Brooklyn Markets and put together a bit of a Mediterranean style vibe – to pretend, if only for a moment, that I might be on my way to sipping Pina Coladas on the balcony of an island villa overlooking that sea of white brilliance and aquamarine.

Wishful thinking 😉


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