FASHION: Half the Animal Groupie Goals

Jordana Ripp : February 23, 2017 2:17 pm : Entertainment, Fashion

One of the biggest benefits of living in such creative town is being surrounded by creative people. In Los Angeles, you are constantly exposed to music, film, TV, art, photography, writing, performance, architecture, fashion (I could go on) and on a daily basis, find yourself inspired by the stories of others and propelled to weave your own. It is a city of dreamers, achievers and risk takers.

I have always had so many talented, amazing people in my life and my first experience with serious talent was witnessing my childhood best friend on stage. Mad vocal skills, an infectious smile and a presence you just want to be around, Candace from such a young age was always someone I admired. I now take so much pride in having (bragging ;) ) OG fan status at her frequent gigs. In a family of talent, her younger brother Chase, couldn’t help but flourish with the same amazing traits. Today I get to see him living out his own dreams locally on stage with Half the Animal, whilst touring coast to coast and abroad.

Fan-girling hard in this post, I’ve thrown a bit of fashion and art together, channeling my inner groupie and expressing my love for HTA’s song Babylon:

Half the Animal Band FashionHlaf the Animal Half the Animal Band Fashion Half the Animal Band FashionHalf the Animal Band FashionHlaf the AnimalHalf the Animal Band FashionHalf the Animal Band FashionHalf the Animalt


Tee: Half the Animal Band Tee

Denim Skirt: Ksubi from The Local by GPC

Sunnies: Rainbow OPTX


Fairfax District – @LouisCarreon wall


Mike Paskin Photography

Inspo Pics: Pinterest

Half the Animal

Shapes EP out 3.3.17

Hlaf the Animal

Jordana Ripp

Find me on Instagram: @jordanaripp @unscrippted

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FASHION: Shag Coats with a Side of Retro Bernie

Jordana Ripp : February 16, 2017 12:46 pm : Fashion

I’ve never been one to get super political.

My Dad is.

I’d like to blame my Father and his over arching views that led me to lazily following his lead when it came to the polls, however I really can’t. My Dad is a very smart and worldly man, so trusting his opinions has never been a challenge (making my lazy political decisions very easy). It took putting a continent between us and a childlike twitter monger to rise to power, for me to actually start forming my own views. If there is any (any ANY?) benefit to Trump’s reign, it’s that motivated back seat riders like myself are waking up to take notice.

There is a famously unused little coffee shop on the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax that sits stoic in it’s 1960’s garb. During the lead up to the election, steadfast Bernie Sanders supporters decorated the spot with posters and promotional imagery reminiscent of rallies in the 60’s. Garnering exposure and support for their candidate, the location continues to stand in solidarity. Used as the backdrop for many a film, Johnie’s Coffee Shop is a character of America’s yesteryear and an unmistaken contrast to it’s surrounds. Standing between Johnie’s political uproar (and ironically futuristic look for it’s time) and the modern-day futuristic facade of the Petersen Automotive Museum across the road, speaks to the many personalities and agendas of this city.

I’m always looking for interesting and story-like locations to shoot, which in this city we have no shortage of. It’s a my way of learning, exploring, expressing myself in a creative visual way and in this instance celebrating the history of a community that says #MakeLoveNotWall.

Shag Jacket Los Angeles Shag Jacket Los Angeles Shag Jacket Los Angeles 10Shag Jacket Los AngelesShag Jacket Los Angeles Shag Jacket Los Angeles


Sunnies: Sunnyside LA

Shag Jacket: Make Me Chic Pink Faux Fur Jacket

Crop Top: Naked Wardrobe

Denim: Urban Outfitters

Boots: Make Me Chic Metallic Pointed Boots


Johnie’s Coffee Shop


Mike Paskin Photography

Jordana Ripp

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FASHION: Sports Luxe in the Arts District

Jordana Ripp : January 31, 2017 11:00 am : Fashion

Sports luxe has always been around in some capacity but with the rise of King Kylie’s (love her or hate her) popularity, this look has moved from the ideals of looking cute to go to coffee, to looking cute to go out to dinner. I personally LOVE this trend, I can certainly be outfit lazy on the best of days. If I can get away with stepping out in a snapback, cute leggings and a print tee, I’m all kinds of down. I think the key to pulling off this look (without looking like you just rolled out of bed to head to the gym) is accessories. Pairing some edgy sunnies and playing around with alternatives to your usual sneakers, are all good places to start.


Kylie Jenner Los AngelesKylie Jenner Los Angeles Kylie Jenner Los AngelesKylie Jenner Los AngelesKylie Jenner Los AngelesKylie Jenner Los Angeles Kylie Jenner Los Angeles Kylie Jenner Los Angeles Kylie Jenner Los Angeles Kylie Jenner Los AngelesKylie Jenner Los Angeles


Snapback: Alexander Simai

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters Spacewoman Rimless Frame

Tee: Kylie Jenner Shop

Leggings: Lorna Jane

Shoes: Aldo (Shop Similar Style)


Downtown Los Angeles Arts District


Jon Vera

Jordana Ripp

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FASHION: Wearing Summer in Winter with Auguste the Label

Jordana Ripp : January 24, 2017 8:18 am : Fashion

I had originally intended to wear this outfit in New York over the winter holiday break but in true 2016 style I was struck down with the flu and confined to my bed in a very festive unicorn onsie… ;/ Back in LA there aren’t many occasions to wear a heavy faux fur jacket. However with the unusually rainy/chilly winter weather we’ve been having of late, I figured I’d get away with an NY intended recreation.

Downtown LA always has so much varying light, color and texture to choose from. From the dark decay to the bright street art, the architectural mirroring to the angled skyline, wandering always means you’re sure to find visual depth. Our late afternoon visit meant in the course of an hour, we were able to capture so many moods and feels in the fading light, that I found it hard to choose a succinct image story for this post. So instead of creating limitations, I embraced the eclecticism and threw together a collage of light and dark, appropriately reminiscent of all that is DTLA.

Auguste The Label Floral Dress Auguste The Label Floral DressAuguste The Label Floral Dress Auguste The Label Floral Dress Auguste The Label Floral Dress Auguste The Label Floral Dress Auguste The Label Floral DressAuguste The Label Floral Dress Auguste The Label Floral DressAuguste The Label Floral Dress Auguste The Label Floral Dress

Summer back home in Aus means summer collections from many of my favorite brands (like this maxi from Auguste the Label). My seasonal winter fix has been to pair them with heavier coats and boots.


Dress: Auguste the Label – Willow Day Dress

Faux Fur Coat: Wasteland

Boots: Steve Madden – Emotions in Taupe


Downtown LA


Jon Vera

Jordana Ripp

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FASHION: Those Blue Velvet Blazer Goals

Jordana Ripp : January 18, 2017 4:44 pm : Fashion

I’ve decided 2017 is my year. I took a bit of a break from blogging over the last year and a half, somewhat unintentionally. The challenges with moving countries, forging new careers and redfining myself took a bit of a toll and I found my creative spark wavering. It didn’t help that 2016 was a particularly personal downward sliding snowball either. Nevertheless it’s a new year, we pick ourselves up, wipe the slate clean and excitedly manifest new dreams and goals. On my bedroom wall at home I have a Fitzgerald quote, I see it every morning and it resonates:

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, start whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of and if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.”

Venice Fashion Blue Velvet Venice Fashion Blue Velvet Venice Fashion Blue Velvet Venice Fashion Blue Velvet Venice Fashion Blue Velvet Venice Fashion Blue Velvet Venice Fashion Blue Velvet


Blazer Dress: Tobi Cara Velvet Blazer Dress

Boots: Lola Shoetique

Sunglasses: Quay Australia


Venice, California


Jon Vera

Jordana Ripp

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FASHION: Off The Shoulder in Venice

Jordana Ripp : January 12, 2017 6:02 pm : Fashion

I opened my wardrobe the other day and realized I may have a slight obsession with off the shoulder trends at the moment. I have sweaters, sweater dresses, tops, maxis, bodycon versions… and now my latest edition, this easy to wear purple rose number from Tobi. I often go through stages where I’m in love with a certain look. For me, the subtle femininty alluded from bare shoulders helps transform a traditional sillouette into something a little more interesting and left of center. From Marilyn to Betty you can’t help adopt the conviction associated with a bit of old school, off shoulder glam. Dress it up, dress it down, it just works.

Venice Fashion - Tobi Off The Shoulder Dress Venice Fashion - Tobi Off The Shoulder DressVenice Fashion - Tobi Off The Shoulder DressVenice Fashion - Tobi Off The Shoulder Dress
Venice Fashion - Tobi Off The Shoulder Dress

Jordana Ripp


Dress: Tobi – Theon Off The Shoulder Dress

Sunglasses: Melrose Ave find

Boots: Zara

Photographer: Jon Vera

Location: Venice, California

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FASHION: My Last Santa Monica Sunset for 2016

Jordana Ripp : January 4, 2017 5:55 pm : Fashion

New year, new dreams, new doors to open.

2016 was challenging in many respects, the world faced a lot of loss, turmoil and some pretty unprecedented politicially historical events to make the year as a whole, blatently controversial, borderline ridiculous. For me personally it was a year for misalignment, a sliding door moment that pushed my luck off kilt. Despite being more than glad to see the tail end of this year, I spent much of 2016’s last few days taking time to remember the parts I loved, the places I saw, the feelings I felt there and the people I was with. In what seemed like a chaotic time, there were moments of clarity, happiness and exploration. Sometimes that’s all we can ask for.

Some of my favorite moments from the year involved sunsets, good friends, many laughs and beach views. Luckily with this shoot, I was able to do just that. Spending the afternoon hanging out, people watching, generally just being our stupid selves and being lucky to have a bestie that is handy with a camera to catch some of the smaller moments.

Santa Monica California FashionSanta Monica California FashionSanta Monica California FashionSanta Monica California FashionSanta Monica California FashionSanta Monica California FashionSanta Monica California Fashion
Santa Monica California FashionSanta Monica California FashionSanta Monica California Fashion

Wandering Santa Monica Beach in Tobi and Sbicca Footwear


Top: Tobi Take A Picture Wrap Crop Top

Heels: Sbicca Footwear

Sunnies: Urban Outfitters Festival Round

Denim: Topshop


Santa Monica Beach, California


Jon Vera

Jordana Ripp

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FASHION: The Art-Eat-Art World of Melrose Ave

Jordana Ripp : December 16, 2016 3:43 pm : Fashion, Travel

Vintage, art, graffiti, flea markets, high end, budget wares and a whole lot of personality. Melrose Ave is as diverse as Los Angeles itself, a street art gallery in the most literal sense and definitely my favorite spot for finding some of the most unique pieces in both my wardrobe and home. On the first Sunday after probably the most controversal election in US history, we distracted ourselves by spending the morning drinking coffee, people-watching, roaming with the camera, capturing elements of both the mainstay and new political art and reflecting on the relative quiet after what was a very noisy week.

Melrose Ave Fashion Melrose Avenue Tiny DevotionsMelrose Avenue CaliforniaMelrose Ave FashionMelrose Avenue Tiny Devotions Melrose Ave FashionMelrose Ave FashionMelrose Ave FashionMelrose Ave Fashion


Sunglasses: Hello Parry

Dress and Belt: Wasteland

Boots: Sbicca Footwear

Mala Bracelet and Ring: Tiny Devotions

Photographer: Jon Vera

Location: Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

Jordana Ripp

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FASHION: Venice on a Sunday Morning

Jordana Ripp : October 11, 2016 4:15 pm : Fashion

It’s creative chaos lined with monotone alleys, brightly colored walls, the blur of music, voices and the vagueness of distinctly herbal scents. Venice, whether you love it or hate it, it’s always an extraordinary sensory experience. On a recent Sunday, amongst the gypsy-like street bustle, a talented photographer friend of mine and I, decided to spend the morning wandering the back alleys and side streets. We had no real objectives but managed to capture a little mash up of the quieter side of LA’s seaside melting pot.

Venice Beach Jordana RippVenice Beach Jordana RippVenice Beach Jordana RippVenice Beach Jordana Ripp Venice Beach Jordana Ripp Venice Beach Jordana Ripp Venice Beach Jordana RippVenice Beach Jordana RippVenice Beach Jordana Ripp

Photography: Jordan Taylor Adams

Secondary Imagery: Snapchat @jordanaripp and Google images


Denim Jacket: Understated Leather

Snapback: Alexander Simai

Crop: Kookai

Leggings: Lorna Jane

Shoes: Converse

Jordana Ripp


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FASHION: San Francisco Wandering in Romwe

Jordana Ripp : September 5, 2016 11:32 am : Fashion, Travel

I haven’t done a fashion post in aggeeeeessss, so a weekend getaway to San Francisco was the perfect backdrop for my end of summer (but still in seasonal denial) wardrobe addition. I love anything that is a little different and with the pop color print of this off shoulder top being so Picasso like, I felt a little less regular in my jeans and top combo.

San Francisco FashionWandering San Francisco in Romwe

Top: Pink Painting Print Off Shoulder Top from Romwe

Jeans: Nobody Denim Bowie Cult Skinny 

Location: El Techo Rooftop San Francisco 

Jordana Ripp

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FASHION ON FILM: Zhivago MBFWA Resort 17 Presents Death Becomes Her

Jordana Ripp : May 19, 2016 12:20 pm : Entertainment, Fashion

If you had asked me at the age of 15 what my favorite movie was, I would have answered solidly with Death Becomes Her. Having stumbled upon the videotape amongst our household collection, the comical transformations of Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep into vein notions of ever after, cleverly combined enough dark themes with light comedy to make it a rebellious teenager’s #1.  Over time that videotape turned into a DVD and then a download that even now gets revisited when I’m looking for a bit of dark comedic relief.

The movie itself may have been released in 1992 but the notions and takeaways are still (if not more) relevant today. With the lightening speed growth of social media, it’s validation in the commercial sector and the comparable rate of our increasingly narcissistic society, it’s not hard to draw parallels between a 90’s satirical commentary of vanity and the world today.

It’s these parallels that helped inspire Australian based fashion empire Zhivago’s latest Resort 17 collection. Stepping onto the MBFWA stage, citing Death Becomes Her as their muse, the show opens in similar fashion to the movie itself, with a reinvented new gen dance number reminiscent of Streep’s opening act, I See Me. Typically dominated by strong luxe geometrical shapes and lines, Zhivago’s collab with the Death Becomes Her tale is the perfect fit for a new collection of fashion commentary.


A cohesive meld of Zhivago’s signature look and the Death Becomes Her motif defined the MBFWA Resort 17 offering. With homage to memorable scenes and style elements, the collection unfolds with a cutout version of the Shotgun Showdown, a gowned reimagining of the velor jumpsuit Madeline wore in her pursuit of eternal beauty, the off shoulder shaping of Madeline’s black ball dress and various accessorized details pointing to a fantasized ideal of mortality and vanity.


Pushing the parallels further, each model took to the stage with fractured facial elements representing the decaying beauty that Hawn and Streep’s characters come to endure by the end of the film.

img_9279.jpgFashion in film and film in fashion – an often coexisting continuium. Context and history are what I find most appealing when delving into a collection and better yet when it involves filmatic inspiration. Zhivago brings detail and thought to this fashionable portrayal of a 90’s cult hit, whilst keeping true their own signature and identity. To view the whole collection you can jump over to MBFWA or see the show below.

Image Credits: MBFWA, Getty Images and stills sourced from Google Images

Jordana Ripp


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FASHION: California Summer with Jets Swimwear

Jordana Ripp : April 19, 2016 5:18 pm : Fashion

Sunday. 82. Sunny.

Spending a legit (almost) summer day in Santa Monica is way too easy and appealing when your week is spent watching the sun drenched palm trees from the office window. There are so many fun Cali coastal destinations I love but nothing beats an impromptu Sunday beach picnic with some my favorite beings. I’m a little ways off from reclaiming my summer tan, so jumping into a bikini was daunting but def do-able with the help of Jets Swimwear and their awesome prints and cuts.

Jet Swimwear California Summer

Jets Swimwear 2016 CaliforniaJets Swimwear 2016 California Jets Swimwear 2016 CaliforniaJets Swimwear Santa Monica Beach

Swimwear: Jets Australia Bazaar Halter Top and Jets Australia Bazaar Tie Bottom

Mala Beads: Tiny Devotions 

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters Festival Round

 Round Towel: SunnyLife Australia Lenox Towel Jordana Ripp

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FASHION: Who What Wear’s #BOSSNOTES ft Nicole Richie, Katherine Schwarzenegger and Gabi Fresh

Jordana Ripp : April 3, 2016 9:19 pm : Fashion

In relative terms I’m still very new to Los Angeles and even more so to blogging here. My emersion strategy has been to get out to as many fash/blog/entertainment events as much as possible, however, as with most research and learning experiences you quickly find that some are worth your while, others not so much.

When the Who What Wear x Westfield Topanga  BOSSNOTES event popped up, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but was fairly certain it would be a great event with WWW at the helm.

Who What Wear Boss Notes Event Los Angeles

From experience, when Nicole Richie is involved with anything there’s usually a fan mob, so going means getting there early to avoid being trampled. This said, my plans of being substantially early didn’t quite happen. I arrived at the Westfield Topanga Mall about 5 minutes early and was slightly confused when I was met with a beautifully laid out event space but no doublewide line in sight. Ensuring I had the right time, I was approached by an organizer who mentioned they would be opening in a few minutes. Still confused as to why I was about to be the first to check in (but happily embracing the thought of not being stood on by a million stilettos), the 12pm start time hit and the line finally materialized (I’m guessing everyone was running on the same late clock I was?)

Whilst it ended up being a packed house, it was probably the most intimate and well presented event I’ve been to thus far. Attendee numbers were capped explaining the intimate vibe and the space was highlighted with blush and neutral tones giving a clean feminine feel, accented with succulents, flowers, lemonade and small bites. Prior to the panel starting, guests were treated to DryBar hair makeovers, Blushington makeup tutorials and a chance to mingle with bloggers and other fashion enthusiasts alike.

Who What Wear Boss Notes Event Los Angeles

The first panelists to take the stage were Katherine Schwarzenegger and Gabi Fresh, hosted by Who What Wear’s co-founder Hilary Kerr. I have to admit that prior to this panel, I hadn’t come across these two before. However, hearing their origin stories and seeing them talk about life, their loves and inspirations, I have become their newest fan.

Katherine Schwarzenegger may be the daughter of the Terminator but she has also paved her own way as an Author and Blogger. Having produced two books focused on topics important to her as a woman today, Katherine is also a contributor to InStyle Magazine and runs her own blog Amongst the many topics discussed, her most important and simplest advice is to “trust your gut and instinct”, breathe and be true to the goals you set out when you started.

Who What Wear Boss Notes Event Los Angeles

Gabi Fresh: Swimwear designer, blogger and an inspiration to plus and traditional size fashion seekers alike. Cataloguing her fashion adventures through her blog, Gabi gained a strong following that loved her risk taking style and the relatable challenges she faced finding her favorite looks. With swimwear often being the hardest to find, she launched her Gabi Fresh x Swim Sexy collection (which I’m in love with) to rave reviews and sales. Her advice for blogging and life is to “embrace your evolution” as a means of celebrating how far you’ve come and “find what makes you unique and different and go with that”. Quality is found when you break away from the pack and shine in your own right.

Nicole Richie Quote

With a quick break, the second and last panel took the stage in the form of Who What Wear co-founder Katherine Power and actress, designer and author Nicole Richie. I’ve been to a few NR events before, her pocket rocket personality and bubbly yet laid back energy is always entertaining. Talking as two old friends, the panel took on more of a living room feel with playful accusations that in working life, Katherine is hard on Nicole and Nicole doing shoutouts to unexpected high school friends as they passed by in the mall.

On Personal Style: Richie is known for her comfortable ode to the 60’s and 70’s stating ” I always think about what I can dance in, you never know when Beyonce is coming on the radio. On Mantras: “I don’t have one but maybe ride or die?“. On Dealing with the Feeling of Being Overwhelmed: “I lean on my friends” for support.

Who What Wear Boss Notes Event Los Angeles

I walked away feeling just that little more inspired having watched some great woman talk about their very real up and down paths to success in their own right. Supporting each other and meeting new like-minded people was the theme of the afternoon thanks to the fashionable efforts of Who What Wear and Westfield Topanga. Toted as a national series, make sure you are following @WhoWhatWear for details of their next events in NorCal and New Jersey.


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TRAVEL: Desert Wandering with the DJI Phantom 4 Drone and Tiger Mist

Jordana Ripp : April 1, 2016 11:39 am : Fashion, Travel

Palm Springs has really become a theme for me this year, a great way to escape the city for a bit of creative soul searching, desert wandering and Joshua Tree exploring. This particular trip was made extra special by the addition of alternative perspective made possible by DJI’s newest drone the Phantom 4.

Really the last thing you want to do amidst some of the most inspiring surrounds is to crowd around an iPad… but in this case that’s exactly what we did. Captivated by the birds-eye footage unfolding in front of us, the Phantom (or Lillie, as I’ve come to affectionately call her, I’ve decided it makes her sound less creepy) had us soaring the heights over and through Joshua Tree’s baron and rocky terrain, capturing sunsets, color and one expansive magnitude. It was Hot-Air-Balloon-Amazing to stand firmly planted, yet feel miles high.

I’m currently working on an extended cut of the video we put together. However in the meantime, the short clip and imagery below will give you a little insight into our afternoon spent amongst the trees, exploring corners and roads less travelled, all under a painted desert sky.

Joshua Tree Desert Fashion

Roadtrip through the California Desert to Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Roadtrip

Joshua Tree Fashion

Roadtrip through the California Desert to Joshua Tree @jordanaripp

Joshua Tree Fashion

Joshua Tree Roadtrip

Joshua Tree Pink Sky

Roadtrip through the California Desert to Joshua Tree in Tiger Mist

Location: Joshua Tree, California

Photography and Video: Kieran Bell

Outfit Details

Dress: Rise of Dawn Love Child Mini

Aviators: Witchery

Boots: Back Catalogue Tony Bianco



Entertainment: Oscars 2016, A Quick Day-Of Round Up

Jordana Ripp : February 28, 2016 12:29 pm : Entertainment, Fashion

Between #OscarSoWhite, the world campaign for Leo’s win and the “Oscar” gift bag drama, I can’t say that my social feeds have known anything other than Oscar fever this last month. Immersed in entertainment, living in Los Angeles and currently a stones throw from this year’s Vanity Fair Party, I can’t say that I’d have it any other way either. In celebration of today I’ve put together my predictions, what to look out for in year’s show and some all time crazy Awards fashion through the years.



I read an article recently in W Magazine that outlined longstanding Hollywood editor and author Lynn Hirschberg’s predictions for this years Oscar’s winners and I really couldn’t have summed it up better. My more passionate predictions (or really wishes) include:

  • Best Picture: The Revenant (Although I LOVED The Big Short)
  • Actor in a Leading Role: Leonardo DiCaprio The Revenant (although in truth I really think it should be Leo’s retroactively for every movie he should of won for)
  • Actress in a Leading Role: Brie Larson for Room
  • Actor in a Supporting Role: Tom Hardy for The Revenant
  • Cinematography: The Revenant
  • Costume Design: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Makeup and Hairstyling: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Directing: The Revenant


Click here to see the full list of nominees.

What to Look Out for this Year

  • How Chris Rock will address the #OscarSoWhite fiasco.
  • In an effort to keep this year’s speeches shorter and more emotional, nominees have submitted their list of names for who they want to thank. These names will scroll along the bottom of the screen during their speech.
  • This year’s stage will featuring 200,000 Swarovski Crystals that required 1,600 hours of work to put together.
  • And of course, if Leo actually wins

    Steven Spielberg’s White House Correspondence address in 2013 is an almost poignant telltale for the Academy today.

    Crazy Awards Fashion

    There are so many amazing Award outfits out there that I thought I’d explore some of the more crazy ones that crossed the red carpet over the years. Here are some of my favorites from yesteryear ;)


    Ellen presenting at the 2014 Oscars as Glenda from the Wizard of Oz

    Of course Bjork's 2001 Swan Dress

    Of course Bjork’s 2001 Swan Dress

    Rihanna's Giant Cake Dress at the 2015 Grammy Awards

    Rihanna’s Giant Cake Dress at the 2015 Grammy Awards

    Lara Flynn Boyle's 2003 Golden Globes Tutu

    Lara Flynn Boyle’s 2003 Golden Globes Tutu

    Cher's 1987 Cockatoo Outfit

    Cher’s 1987 Cockatoo Outfit

    The countdown is on! Red Carpet and backstage telecasts start at 4pm PST with the Awards commencing at 5:30pm on ABC. Happy Oscars Day 2016!



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    FASHION: Desert Rose Sunsets in Joshua Tree with Spell Designs

    Jordana Ripp : February 24, 2016 2:44 pm : Fashion, Travel

    There is a romance, a connectivity to the surround that contrasts with your own sense of singularity. The day’s harsh reflection dissipates leaving a warm glow and gradual end, not unlike the slow close of a music box. This is a Joshua Tree sunset, my experience, so final, so reflective and so full of color.

    Taking the long weekend to escape Los Angeles and get some much needed desert energy, we ended up here under a pink and purple sky, exploring and taking a moment in time to create memories.

    Joshua Tree Desert Rose1

    You may never know the value of a moment… until it becomes a memory.

    Photography: Alex Simai

    Dress: Spell Designs – Hotel Paradiso Bell Sleeve

    Mala Beads: Tiny Devotions

    Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters – Festival Round Sunglasses

    Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell from The Wasteland

    Travel: We stayed at The Saguaro in Palm Springs and roadtripped through Joshua Tree from there.


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    Scarface Revived: Ae’lkemi SS16 Couture Collection

    Jordana Ripp : February 18, 2016 8:38 pm : Entertainment, Fashion

    Michelle Pfieffer Scarface

    We all know Scarface. Even if you haven’t seen it, you know it. From the Tony Montana one liners to the Miami lounge suits and tommy-like guns reminiscent of Cuban yesteryear. As one of the most iconic mob films to date and a plethora of early 80’s opulence, the film has spanned 30 odd years as a pop culture symbol of underbelly swagger and notoriety… And with a reported remake underway, we can expect to see revived interest not just in film spheres but across various creative platforms.

    Michelle Pfeiffer’s break out role as Tommy Montana’s wife Elvira Hancock, found increased attention blending strength, self destruction and beauty to make her likeness and style an inspiration of 80’s luxe and a look that has been emulated and reimagined on red carpets and editorials the world over.

    My favorite reimagining yet comes from fashion designer Alvin Fernandez, who is certainly no stranger to faceting unique inspiration from all mediums. The Australian based designer drew inspiration for his latest ae’lkemi collection from Elvira’s aesthetic, as well as Hieronymus Bosch’s infamous work, Garden of Earthly Delights. The resulting collective exudes temptation and makes you wish for any excuse to indulge in these pieces of fashionable art.

    321c3e66-bee6-4390-8ebb-a7ca164ae961 5ad7aad8-3a29-4ee8-b25e-4ce8c96058b4 Aelkemi Fashion 1 Aelkemi Fashion 3 Aelkemi Fashion 6 Aelkemi Fashion 4 Aelkemi Fashion 2 Aelkemi Fashion 5

    Fusing 80’s elegance and edge, the collection presents a strong focus on the playfully erogenous parts of the female body, specifically décolletage, thigh and back. The contrast of light and dark, emanating good vs evil, are all nods towards Bosch’s influence and ties in harmoniously with the sequins, jerseys and hand beaded lace aligned with Elvira Hancock’s beguiling style.

    Intrigued? Head to or follow their world on Instagram and Facebook for the latest collection updates.

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    FASHION: LA Motel Blues with Spell Designs (My Retrospect)

    Jordana Ripp : December 9, 2015 7:30 pm : Fashion

    It’s taken me a little while to get here, back to a place where life is on track and I’m feeling creatively inspired again. This last year has been one of my hardest but also the best to date. If you’re familiar with Unscrippted, you’ll already know that last year I moved from Perth, Australia to Los Angeles. The goal was to steer my career into entertainment and after a year of settling into a new country, finding apartments, traveling, making amazing new friends, exploring, knocking on doors, having days where I just didn’t want to get out of bed followed by days where I couldn’t wait to get out of bed… that figurative door finally opened. I can now breathe and take a good look back on the year and be proud of what it took to get here and grateful to the family and friends that helped me along the way.

    I’m now working in TV for a Hollywood studio and finding my inspiration from the creative world creep back in. With new life perspective and motivations, I’m rejuvenating Unscrippted to encompass not only my obsession of fashion and travel, but an incorporation of my life in entertainment and an exploration of the creative side that guided me into a relationship with photography, fashion and film. Bear with me, I’m still working out how to cohesively meld the three into something representative, but in the meantime I’ve put together some images with friend and photographer Peter Adams to give you an idea of the creative space I’m reaching for.

    Los Angeles Jordana Ripp Los Angeles Jordana Ripp Los Angeles Jordana Ripp Jordana Ripp Los Angeles Motel 4Los Angeles Jordana Ripp Los Angeles Jordana Ripp


    Location: Los Angeles, California

    Jumpsuit: Spell DesignsHotel Paradiso Onsie

    Jewelry: Tiny Devotions

    Photography: Peter D. Adams Photography


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    FASHION / Bohemian Rhapsody Atop Malibu 

    Jordana Ripp : July 22, 2015 11:48 am : Fashion

    Boho Malibu MoutainsBoho Malibu Mountains 7 Boho Malibu Moutains 4 Boho Malibu Moutains 6 Boho Malibu Moutains 5 Boho Malibu Moutains 1

    It’s been a bit of a weird summer weatherwise – when I first arrived in LA it was Winter and it felt like Summer and  now it’s Summer and Lady Luck can’t decide whether it’s Summer, Winter or the overcast tropics. About an hour after shooting this the clouds grew dark and it bucketed down torrentially for pretty much the rest of the day. Nevertheless it kinda set the mood for this Stevie Nicks-esque wayward wanderer feel piece. I won’t ever get tired of that Malibu view (or negotiating the mountains in my skivvies with the threat of rain ;) ).

    Kimono: House of Harlow 1960 Janice Kimono

    Hat: Urban Outfitters Austen Teardrop Panama

    Skivvies: For Love and Lemons (backcatalog)

    Rings: Jessica Bratich

    Sunglasses: House of Harlow 1960 Chelsea Sunglasses


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    FASHION / Santa Monica Summer by the Wyndham Pool

    Jordana Ripp : July 15, 2015 9:54 am : Fashion

    California Summer at Wyndham Santa Monica California Summer at Wyndham Santa Monica Flamingo Pool Toy 1 California Summer at Wyndham Santa MonicaPool Pineapple 1 Reformation and Wyndham HotelPool Cocktail 5 California Summer at Wyndham Santa Monica Pool Toys 1

    Santa Monica Wyndham Hotel California Summer at Wyndham Santa Monica California Summer at Wyndham Santa Monica Watermelon Pool

    Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset


    Last week I shared the photo diary from my escape to Wyndham Hotel in Santa Monica, which proved to be a much needed beachside break from city life. In the most ideal location, triangle-ing both the Santa Monica Pier and shopping mecca 3rd St Promenade, Wyndham offers all the modern luxe, convenience and service needed for the local weekender right through to families and the avid tourist.

    During my stay and between visits to the beach, lunches, local explores and shopping I managed to squish in a mini shoot by the pool in my new summer flamingo attire/dress from Reformation, wedges by Sbicca Footwear and clutch from my favourite Perth handbag label Jessica Bratich. AND because in hindsight I should have brought along some fun pool toys and cocktail recipes I’ve attempted to right this wrong by pairing my images with some epic Pinterest of what my next Wyndham poolside endeavors are likely to look like ;)

    To check out the review and highlights from my trip jump here, otherwise to get more information head over to their website and for local Santa Monica happenings and Wyndham updates you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

    Dress: Nashville Dress from Reformation

    Clutch: Cherie Clutch from Jessica Bratich

    Wedges: Cayenne from Sbicca Footwear

    Rings: Emma & Roe Love Stacks from Michael Hill Jewelers


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