ENTERTAINMENT: Behind the Scenes with AXS TV’s World’s Greatest Tribute Bands

Jordana Ripp : April 19, 2017 12:39 pm : Entertainment

The thing about good music is it brings people together. It doesn’t matter your age, where you came from or why you are there, it universally binds people to one beat. In that moment, it’s really all that matters. While I may have missed growing up in the era of some of our musical greats and witnessing their legendary performances (think The Beatles singing A Hard Day’s Night in New York’s Shea Stadium or Led Zeppelin at Day On The Green), I get to experience the next best thing each Wednesday night with AXS TV.

The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands, hosted by Katie Daryl, brings some of the best live tribute performances to your phone, tablet, or where ever you watch TV… and if you’re a LA local, the stage at West Hollywood’s iconic Whisky A Go Go. Last week the crowd was electrified by Almost Queen’s performance of (you guessed it ;) ) Queen and this week we can look forward Karen Donaldson’s tribute to everyone’s favorite country crooner, Miss Dolly Parton.

To tune in live, sign up to be part of the audience or to check the schedule for upcoming performances head to AXS TV! I’ll be Insta-Storying and Snapping from our behind the scenes spot so feel free to tune in – don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of the odd Award Winning Actress or 30 Rock star in the crowd ;)

AXS TV World's Greatest Tribute BandsAXS TV World's Greatest Tribute BandsAXS TV World's Greatest Tribute BandsAXS TV World's Greatest Tribute Bands

To find out more, head to AXS TV!

Jordana Ripp

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FASHION: Half the Animal Groupie Goals

Jordana Ripp : February 23, 2017 2:17 pm : Entertainment, Fashion

One of the biggest benefits of living in such creative town is being surrounded by creative people. In Los Angeles, you are constantly exposed to music, film, TV, art, photography, writing, performance, architecture, fashion (I could go on) and on a daily basis, find yourself inspired by the stories of others and propelled to weave your own. It is a city of dreamers, achievers and risk takers.

I have always had so many talented, amazing people in my life and my first experience with serious talent was witnessing my childhood best friend on stage. Mad vocal skills, an infectious smile and a presence you just want to be around, Candace from such a young age was always someone I admired. I now take so much pride in having (bragging ;) ) OG fan status at her frequent gigs. In a family of talent, her younger brother Chase, couldn’t help but flourish with the same amazing traits. Today I get to see him living out his own dreams locally on stage with Half the Animal, whilst touring coast to coast and abroad.

Fan-girling hard in this post, I’ve thrown a bit of fashion and art together, channeling my inner groupie and expressing my love for HTA’s song Babylon:

Half the Animal Band FashionHlaf the Animal Half the Animal Band Fashion Half the Animal Band FashionHalf the Animal Band FashionHlaf the AnimalHalf the Animal Band FashionHalf the Animal Band FashionHalf the Animalt


Tee: Half the Animal Band Tee

Denim Skirt: Ksubi from The Local by GPC

Sunnies: Rainbow OPTX


Fairfax District – @LouisCarreon wall


Mike Paskin Photography

Inspo Pics: Pinterest

Half the Animal

Shapes EP out 3.3.17

Hlaf the Animal

Jordana Ripp

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ENTERTAINMENT: Australians In Film Awards Los Angeles 2016

Jordana Ripp : October 21, 2016 3:19 pm : Entertainment

You couldn’t have asked for more perfectly warm night. I know the weather seems like an odd thing to emphasis first up (especially in Los Angeles) but it actually set the mood for what quickly became a welcoming evening full of inclusively and the warmest of Aussie comradery. Set against a converted CBS stage in Hollywood’s NeueHouse space, the 2016 AIF Awards evening was unlike any Awards night I’ve been too. Golden candle like shadows, concrete paired with wood accents, faux fur throws, eucalyptus and scattered modern art made the event feel more like an elegant dinner at someones estate rather than a traditional Awards venue.

I wasn’t expecting the ambiance and evening to be as progressive as it was, but I really shouldn’t have been surprised. Australian’s like to do things a little differently, to be a cut above, push the boundaries a little further and let their adventurous spirit steer them along paths of their making. And this is exactly what we were all coming together to celebrate, not just the immensely talented being honored that evening, but every Aussie striving to make their dreams happen.

Australians in Film Awards 2016

Australians in Film Awards 2016 After Party at the NeueHouse Hollywood


Australia’s lovable export Tim Minchin, was far and away the perfect MC for the night, infusing Aussie humor and warmth with our beloved cursive slang, to make us all feel right at home. Every honoree was inspiring in his or her own way, spurring the collective excitement we all have for our budding Aussie entertainment industry. Every accolade, speech, handshake and hug was proof of Australia’s growing influence and the stamp we are making on the world stage.

This year’s honorees included:

Foxtel Breakthrough Award: Jai Courtney (Suicide Squad, Insurgent, Terminator: Genisys) and Garth Davis (Lion, Top of the Lake, Mary Magdalene)

Annette Kellerman Award presented by Vogue Australia: Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect)

Fox Studios Australia International Award: James Wan (The Conjuring 1&2, Furious 7, Saw)

Ausfilm International Award: Sir Ridley Scott (The Martian, Thelma and Louise, Alien, Black Hawk Down)

Qants Orry Kelly Award: Greg Basser (Village Roadshow Entertainment Group)

Australians in Film Awards 2016

#SonyPicturesRepresent – Jordana Ripp and Amy Dickman


Australians in Film Awards 2016

Chasing big dreams in LA means that most of us are very far from home. It’s nights like these that really help put things into perspective and make achieving what we set out to do,  just that little bit more real.


Lastly on a lighter note, some miscellaneous takeaways from the evening:

– When you spend a good ten minutes trying to look casual whilst sipping your drink, in what you think is a unsually empty cocktail space, it means you’re actually in the reception area and the party is that way —>

– Joel Edgerton likes to make epicly long and slow speeches about Jai Courtney

– The most heartfelt of emotional acceptances for the night came from the funniest of women, Rebel Wilson

– If you feel someone staring at you in the early hours of the morning while driving on Sunset Blvd… it’s likely to be Jeff Goldblum… and he’s in a Prius…

Credits for the evening go to everyone at Australians in Film and the team at LPH Events.

Check out The Morning Show coverage of the evening here.

Jordana Ripp

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ENTERTAINMENT: The Colorfully Monster Imagination of Lara Wirth

Jordana Ripp : June 16, 2016 4:53 pm : Entertainment

I’m very visual, I like to work in, with and around color whenever I can. Looking at my desk, it’s a chaotic splash of brightly colored folders, markers and images inclusive of a rainbow messed notepad of nonsensical shapes and drawings. For me color breeds creativity and keeps my brain active and engaged. For 16 year old Lara Wirth, color is tangible and can be manipulated into the most fantastical of imaginative outlets – Special Effects.

The young Australian based, self taught artist began experimenting with body art and prosthetics after stumbling upon TV show FaceOff. Extending her skills through YouTube tutorials, Lara’s creations tend to sway between reptile-like nautical fantasy, fairy creatures and monster macabre. A common romantically dramatic thread ties her body of work with a sense of continuity and specialty, creating her own artistic signature. Drawn to her use of color and her ability to bring it to life in such a creative way, I stole a couple minutes of Lara’s time to chat about how she got started and her creative inspirations.

What prompted you to start and what was your first monster creation?
I was prompted to start after falling in love with the reality TV series FaceOff. I had wanted to have a go at it for a number of years but didn’t think it possible, and then after finding tutorials on the internet and YouTube it seemed achievable all of a sudden and so I went out, got some stuff, and gave it a crack. My first creation was a recreation of a super simple leopard by Madeyewlook and my first original creation that I was at the time super proud of was a blue zombie body paint. My first monster prosthetic was a green and gold parasite.

What films/artwork inspire your creativity?
Artworks from people like Zach Dunn and Turkey Merck really inspire me as well as fantasy/sci-fi movies with cool creatures. Also just things in nature like reptiles inspire me with their shapes and patterns and colours.

If you could transform into anything for Halloween, what would it be?
Probably my blue monster that is currently my profile picture on Instagram and Facebook.

If you could put together a look that involved your favorite fashion style and your art, what would it involve?
I would love to do a bohemian style elf/fairy type look with intricate tattoo patterns and prosthetics to make her one with nature. Like have vines covering and going though her with iridescent scales or something ethereal.

What advice would you give young aspiring creatives such as yourself?
Don’t hesitate at giving it a go! It seems big and scary but if you take your time you can get really good and have a lot of fun with it! I’ve started a Youtube channel to try and help get people involved and teach what I have learnt.

Lara Wirth Special Effects Artist Australia Lara Wirth Special Effects Artist Australia

Lara Wirth Special Effects Artist Australia

Lara Wirth Special Effects Artist Australia

For more of Lara’s creative world, find her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Jordana Ripp



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FASHION ON FILM: Zhivago MBFWA Resort 17 Presents Death Becomes Her

Jordana Ripp : May 19, 2016 12:20 pm : Entertainment, Fashion

If you had asked me at the age of 15 what my favorite movie was, I would have answered solidly with Death Becomes Her. Having stumbled upon the videotape amongst our household collection, the comical transformations of Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep into vein notions of ever after, cleverly combined enough dark themes with light comedy to make it a rebellious teenager’s #1.  Over time that videotape turned into a DVD and then a download that even now gets revisited when I’m looking for a bit of dark comedic relief.

The movie itself may have been released in 1992 but the notions and takeaways are still (if not more) relevant today. With the lightening speed growth of social media, it’s validation in the commercial sector and the comparable rate of our increasingly narcissistic society, it’s not hard to draw parallels between a 90’s satirical commentary of vanity and the world today.

It’s these parallels that helped inspire Australian based fashion empire Zhivago’s latest Resort 17 collection. Stepping onto the MBFWA stage, citing Death Becomes Her as their muse, the show opens in similar fashion to the movie itself, with a reinvented new gen dance number reminiscent of Streep’s opening act, I See Me. Typically dominated by strong luxe geometrical shapes and lines, Zhivago’s collab with the Death Becomes Her tale is the perfect fit for a new collection of fashion commentary.


A cohesive meld of Zhivago’s signature look and the Death Becomes Her motif defined the MBFWA Resort 17 offering. With homage to memorable scenes and style elements, the collection unfolds with a cutout version of the Shotgun Showdown, a gowned reimagining of the velor jumpsuit Madeline wore in her pursuit of eternal beauty, the off shoulder shaping of Madeline’s black ball dress and various accessorized details pointing to a fantasized ideal of mortality and vanity.


Pushing the parallels further, each model took to the stage with fractured facial elements representing the decaying beauty that Hawn and Streep’s characters come to endure by the end of the film.

img_9279.jpgFashion in film and film in fashion – an often coexisting continuium. Context and history are what I find most appealing when delving into a collection and better yet when it involves filmatic inspiration. Zhivago brings detail and thought to this fashionable portrayal of a 90’s cult hit, whilst keeping true their own signature and identity. To view the whole collection you can jump over to MBFWA or see the show below.

Image Credits: MBFWA, Getty Images and stills sourced from Google Images

Jordana Ripp


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The Hollywood Sign: Fun Facts on this Original Star

Jordana Ripp : March 15, 2016 11:55 am : Entertainment, Travel

The Hollywood Sign: the original starlet, the most popular permanent resident of Los Angeles since 1923, one of the most recognized logos worldwide and a beacon of industry hope for all those the she looks down on. Being the Hollywood history fan that I am, on a recent Griffith Park hike I realized I actually didn’t know a whole lot about this icon, other than some vague historic reference to Hef. So with a little Googling and a bit of HollywoodSign.org stalking, I’ve put together a short history and some fun and interesting facts on this original star.

Hollywood Sign 2016 Hike

Firstly the sign as we know it today is actually missing four letters from it’s original unveiling. Created as an illuminated advertisement (costing $21,000) for luxury real estate in HOLLYWOODLAND, the 50 foot high letters shone bright over the city, with over four thousand light bulbs to boot. Expected to last just a year, the sign garnered enough attention that it remained in place until 1949 when in a state of disrepair, the City of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation was forced to rebuild the sign, leaving off the last four letters, creating the recognizable HOLLYWOOD as we see it today.


By the time 1978 rolled around, the sign had again deteriorated due to termites, arsonists and a tumbled down “O”. In a bid to preserve the town’s namesake, Hugh Hefner stepped in and hosted a large fundraiser to help raise the $250,000 to completely refurbish the sign. The event contributed $45,000 to the bill and the rest was collected through individual sponsorship of each letter at $27,500 a piece:

H Terrence Donnelly: Publisher of the Hollywood Independent Newspaper
O Giovanni Mazza: Italian movie producer
L Les Kelley: Creator of the Kelley Blue Book
L Gene Autry: “Singing Cowboy”Actor and owner of TV station KTLA
Y Hugh Hefner: Playboy owner
W Andy Williams: Singer
O Alice Cooper: Rock Singer – in honor of Groucho Marx
O Warner Brothers Records
D Dennis Lidtke: Hollywood businessman

Source: hollywoodsign.org


Once the funds were raised, the old sign was completely demolished leaving Los Angeles without their biggest icon for three months, a first for the city since 1923. Unveiled live on Hollywood’s 75th Anniversary to a 60 million wide television audience, the sign now stands 45ft high and 450 ft long and is the sight we see on the hills above Hollywood today.

Whilst putting together this piece I came across a bevy of fun articles, all giving snippets and insights into the sign’s more interesting past. Here are some of the more fun facts I found:

– Out of everything that could happen to the Sign you wouldn’t think being hit by a car would be one of them. In 1928 the Sign’s caretaker Albert Kothe had had a bit too much to drink and drove his Ford Station Wagon of the side of the cliff just above the sign, rolling down and crashing into the “H”. Luckily Albert was not hurt however both the Ford and the “H” were destroyed.

In 1932, having not achieved the fame she desired since moving to Hollywood, distraught young actress Peg Entwhistle, climbed to the top of the “H” and flung herself off, falling to her death.

The Sign was designed by an English artist named Thomas Fisk Goff who had relocated to Los Angeles and opened the Crescent Sign Company.

Over the years, the sign has had many pranksters wreak havoc with the letters. In 1976, prankster Danny Finegood hung black and white curtains over the last two “O’s”, changing it to read “HOLLYWEED” in commemoration of the relaxed marijuana law in California.


– The Hollywood sign has more security than any of it’s Hollywood celebrity counterparts. Having taken it’s fair share of hits over the years, the Sign has a specially-designed security system that even the Department of Homeland Security was involved in. Security involves razor wire, infrared technology, 24 hour monitoring, motion sensors, alarms and helicopter patrols.

– For those that aren’t able to experience the Sign close up, webcams have been put in place to allow Internet visitors to see the sign 24/7.

– In 1940, Howard Hughes bought 138 acres west of the Hollywood Sign with the intention of building a mansion for himself and then girlfriend Ginger Rogers. The plans were abandoned after Hughes and Rogers split leaving the land untouched until it was sold to a Chicago-based investment firm. In a bid to preserve the area, a number of studios, foundations and actors raised the $12.5 million asking price to insure it is kept as protected parkland.

On that last note, if Mr Hughes had gone ahead with his original plans, we may have seen development popping up along the lines of this:

Hollywood Sign Apartments

Imagined by international developers Bayarch

Thank goodness for that Hughes/Rogers breakup or we may not have had the continued chance to hike the Sign’s spectacular views, as we do today!

Hollywood Sign 2016

For a more complete rundown, best Sign viewpoints or even to donate to the Hollywood Sign Trust which ensures the upkeep, head over to hollywoodsign.org.

Fun Fact Sources:

neublack.com | history.com | signs.com


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ENTERTAINMENT: Ghostbusters Trailer Release!

Jordana Ripp : March 5, 2016 11:12 am : Entertainment

I have to start this by saying that whilst yes I am a Sony Pictures employee but I’m also a Ghostbusters OG (as much as an 80’s baby can be) and I can easily say I wasn’t thrilled with Spectre, so hopefully that gives me a little cred and you won’t totally write off my review to bias (because I loved it).

After 30 years and in a flurry of Hollywood reboots, the Ghostbusters franchise is set to release it’s third installment this July 15. The official trailer was released on Wednesday, which actually started off pretty painful for me seeing I’m super susceptible to FOMO. I work on the television side of Sony Pictures and I was stuck in a budget review that was conveniently located feet away from the Ghostbusters red carpet fan party happening outside. Literally close enough to see lightbulb flashes from photographers bounce off the screen in front of us and hear the theme song chants… Despite this slight setback the rest of the day was fun with a flurry of fan invasions (including me), all dressed in character (unfortunately not me) to check out the ECTO- 1 cars and various Ghostbusters attractions we have here on the lot.

Ghostbusters Car

I really did love the trailer. I know there has been mixed reviews concerning the all female cast (Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones) and quality of humor. I however, love that we are giving some of today’s great female comedians a chance to rework a classic and add their brand of comedy to the mix. I think we have to remember this isn’t a reimagining of a classic, it’s a reboot, a new start a continuation of a great story and formula.

When asked about the all female cast, Bill Murray was quoted by TIFF as saying “I’m fine with it, I would go to that movie, and they’d probably have better outfits, too.” Which segues nicely to my next point – the jumpsuit. I’m really happy they kept the aesthetic in line with it’s iconic male predecessors and didn’t try to create a sexualized “female” version. I feel like it brings more legitimacy to the changed casting and helps keep focus on the individuality of the characters and it’s ultimate #girlgang appeal. Lovingly dubbed the “ugly” jumpsuit, Kate McKinnon recently praised director Paul Feig for using the traditional silhouette stating “It sounds like a small thing that I got to wear pants and have my hair up, but it’s actually a really big thing because we were playing scientists. Women playing scientists, wearing jumpsuits, kind of ugly jumpsuits. And they made dolls of this! That has never happened! No cleavage. Dolls.”



I personally love a good jumpsuit, always have, so I’d be happy to see a RTW version…although I’m thinking the Halloween costume is likely to result first ;)  Feel free to check it out for yourself in the trailer below:



Photography: Jordana Ripp and official images from Ghostbusters and Sony Pictures

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Entertainment: Oscars 2016, A Quick Day-Of Round Up

Jordana Ripp : February 28, 2016 12:29 pm : Entertainment, Fashion

Between #OscarSoWhite, the world campaign for Leo’s win and the “Oscar” gift bag drama, I can’t say that my social feeds have known anything other than Oscar fever this last month. Immersed in entertainment, living in Los Angeles and currently a stones throw from this year’s Vanity Fair Party, I can’t say that I’d have it any other way either. In celebration of today I’ve put together my predictions, what to look out for in year’s show and some all time crazy Awards fashion through the years.



I read an article recently in W Magazine that outlined longstanding Hollywood editor and author Lynn Hirschberg’s predictions for this years Oscar’s winners and I really couldn’t have summed it up better. My more passionate predictions (or really wishes) include:

  • Best Picture: The Revenant (Although I LOVED The Big Short)
  • Actor in a Leading Role: Leonardo DiCaprio The Revenant (although in truth I really think it should be Leo’s retroactively for every movie he should of won for)
  • Actress in a Leading Role: Brie Larson for Room
  • Actor in a Supporting Role: Tom Hardy for The Revenant
  • Cinematography: The Revenant
  • Costume Design: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Makeup and Hairstyling: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Directing: The Revenant


Click here to see the full list of nominees.

What to Look Out for this Year

  • How Chris Rock will address the #OscarSoWhite fiasco.
  • In an effort to keep this year’s speeches shorter and more emotional, nominees have submitted their list of names for who they want to thank. These names will scroll along the bottom of the screen during their speech.
  • This year’s stage will featuring 200,000 Swarovski Crystals that required 1,600 hours of work to put together.
  • And of course, if Leo actually wins

    Steven Spielberg’s White House Correspondence address in 2013 is an almost poignant telltale for the Academy today.

    Crazy Awards Fashion

    There are so many amazing Award outfits out there that I thought I’d explore some of the more crazy ones that crossed the red carpet over the years. Here are some of my favorites from yesteryear ;)


    Ellen presenting at the 2014 Oscars as Glenda from the Wizard of Oz

    Of course Bjork's 2001 Swan Dress

    Of course Bjork’s 2001 Swan Dress

    Rihanna's Giant Cake Dress at the 2015 Grammy Awards

    Rihanna’s Giant Cake Dress at the 2015 Grammy Awards

    Lara Flynn Boyle's 2003 Golden Globes Tutu

    Lara Flynn Boyle’s 2003 Golden Globes Tutu

    Cher's 1987 Cockatoo Outfit

    Cher’s 1987 Cockatoo Outfit

    The countdown is on! Red Carpet and backstage telecasts start at 4pm PST with the Awards commencing at 5:30pm on ABC. Happy Oscars Day 2016!



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    Scarface Revived: Ae’lkemi SS16 Couture Collection

    Jordana Ripp : February 18, 2016 8:38 pm : Entertainment, Fashion

    Michelle Pfieffer Scarface

    We all know Scarface. Even if you haven’t seen it, you know it. From the Tony Montana one liners to the Miami lounge suits and tommy-like guns reminiscent of Cuban yesteryear. As one of the most iconic mob films to date and a plethora of early 80’s opulence, the film has spanned 30 odd years as a pop culture symbol of underbelly swagger and notoriety… And with a reported remake underway, we can expect to see revived interest not just in film spheres but across various creative platforms.

    Michelle Pfeiffer’s break out role as Tommy Montana’s wife Elvira Hancock, found increased attention blending strength, self destruction and beauty to make her likeness and style an inspiration of 80’s luxe and a look that has been emulated and reimagined on red carpets and editorials the world over.

    My favorite reimagining yet comes from fashion designer Alvin Fernandez, who is certainly no stranger to faceting unique inspiration from all mediums. The Australian based designer drew inspiration for his latest ae’lkemi collection from Elvira’s aesthetic, as well as Hieronymus Bosch’s infamous work, Garden of Earthly Delights. The resulting collective exudes temptation and makes you wish for any excuse to indulge in these pieces of fashionable art.

    321c3e66-bee6-4390-8ebb-a7ca164ae961 5ad7aad8-3a29-4ee8-b25e-4ce8c96058b4 Aelkemi Fashion 1 Aelkemi Fashion 3 Aelkemi Fashion 6 Aelkemi Fashion 4 Aelkemi Fashion 2 Aelkemi Fashion 5

    Fusing 80’s elegance and edge, the collection presents a strong focus on the playfully erogenous parts of the female body, specifically décolletage, thigh and back. The contrast of light and dark, emanating good vs evil, are all nods towards Bosch’s influence and ties in harmoniously with the sequins, jerseys and hand beaded lace aligned with Elvira Hancock’s beguiling style.

    Intrigued? Head to www.aelkemi.com or follow their world on Instagram and Facebook for the latest collection updates.

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    TRAVEL / Coachella 2015: The Diary Mashup

    Jordana Ripp : April 22, 2015 10:27 am : Entertainment, Travel

    Coachella 2015 37 Coachella 2015 20 Coachella 2015 19Vestal 1Vestal 2 Coachella 2015 12

    Coachella 2015 13 Coachella 2015 21 Coachella 2015 23Coachella 2015 14 Coachella 2015 28Coachella 2015 15Coachella 2015 16Coachella 2015 22Coachella 2015 17Coachella 2015 36Coachella 2015 31Coachella 2015 8Coachella 2015 32Coachella 2015 30Coachella 2015 42Coachella 2015 26Coachella 2015 41
    Coachella 2015 3Coachella 2015 27Coachella 2015 34Coachella 2015 35Coachella 2015 4Coachella 2015 36Coachella 2015 9Coachella 2015 24Coachella 2015 18Coachella 2015 7Coachella 2015 10Coachella 2015 5Coachella 2015 6Coachella 2015 33Coachella 2015 25Coachella 2015 2Coachella 2015 39Coachella 2015 38Coachella 43Coachella 2015 43Coachella 2015 29

    Stopped to see the Cabazon Dinos on the ride home ;)

    Stopped to see the Cabazon Dinos on the ride home ;)

    Coachella 2015 44Cabazon Dinosaurs

    Bucketlist: TICK

    As far as last minute plans go, a trip to the desert for Coachella is not a bad one! With a girlfriend in from Melbs, we had planned all sorts of Californian adventures including a desert trip to check out Palm Springs and chill out with some friends at Vestal’s Coachella camp grounds (which in itself had it’s own mini festival with music, food, drink AND pool floaties – an activity I publicly and repeatedly found that I am noooo master at…). Literally the day before we were meant to drive out we managed to grab two GA Coachella tickets through StubHub, which eliminated my perceived perception that securing weekend one tickets could only be done in pre-sale – a year in advance ORRR being quick enough to hit refresh on your browser in the first few seconds they go on general sale. So word to the wise, if you miss any of the sale deadlines in the future, there’s hope!

    Armed with a tent, blow up mattress, heavy blankets, light blankets, protein bars and water, we arrived at Vestal for some much needed sun, drinks and poolside laze before trekking into Coachella. That almost desert mirage of a front entrance that is the Ferris Wheel, is not an easy feat to reach. The walk from dropoff down the maze to the entrance can easily take half an hour and that’s not due to lines, that just the distance… so if you are a novice like me, wearing those heeled boots for the multi-terrain walk is not the most ideal choice.

    I didn’t realise how physically huge the festival itself was. Most images that come out of the weekend tend to be taken around the stages and art installations, so it wasn’t until I finally made it past the Ferris Wheel that I realised there was so much more to do and see, with areas I would likely never make it too. Apart from the various stages, array of food (vegan, gluten free options available) bars and shopping, there are so many other activities to get involved in including the Sephora beauty bar, art creation, dodgeball, hula hooping, limbo, pie eating contests, the H&M centre, a postcard mailing centre, yoga and pilates (if you are so inclined),  just to name a couple. There were people running around with bubble machines, hammocks amongst the trees and as the sun went down, a display of light to silhouette the palms and installations lit up the grounds. Think of every music festival you’ve ever been to… then at steroids… its mega.



    Catching Florence and the Machine as she interpretive danced her way across stage, eventually breaking her foot (LOVE HER).

    Trying to figure out if that really was Madonna macking on Drake and if so why did she sound so average, I thought she was good live?

    Playing in the bubbles.

    Running around the caterpillar turned butterfly.

    People watching.

    Outfit watching.

    EATING – the food was awesome.

    Dancing in the 100 thou strong crowd and NOT getting trodden on.


    A couple quick things I leant for next time:

    • You can definitely do Coachella last minute as I did, however preplanning your trip and your days is key to getting the most out of your weekend.
    • If you decide to camp, bring a warm blanket for those hours when the desert chill kicks in but be prepared to potentially wake up on fire as the sun comes up – there is no escape.
    • Stockpile water for the heat and next day hangover hydration. Bring powerbars for that unexpected need for food when it’s not around.
    • If the fashion side of Coachella is particularly important to you, ensure you find somewhere to have a proper shower. This may mean opting to stay at one of the many hotels or motels in Palm Springs as opposed to camping. We stayed at Vestal Village camp which was awesome and had onsite showers however I did sneak over to a local friends place to wash my hair and do my makeup each day.
    • Be prepared to be washing dust out of your nose continuously for a few days after.
    • Use the Coachella App to map out your day, explore what activities and food is available and utilise the Find My Friends section because once you loose someone, you ain’t getting them back easily with the limited reception available.
    • Make sure your phone is fully charged and you have a back up battery ready. There are a couple of charging stations and some tents that have wifi but don’t rely on it.
    • Bring  fold up sandals or more comfortable footwear small enough to fit in your bag for that long entrance walk and the 11th hour hobble to back bed.

    Looking forward to next year!

    Key Players:

    Ash Stewart || Max Collett || Matt Willett || Sam Moore – Desert Squad MVP ||



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    FASHION / StyleAid 2014: Of Mythic Proportions

    Jordana Ripp : August 14, 2014 3:16 pm : Entertainment, Fashion

    Every year the WA Aids council put together a spectacular gala event to raise money for much needed research and support programs. With a theme of Mythic proportions, this year’s StyleAid event took guests by the hand and guided them through a whimsical fairytale that started with the purchase of a ticket. Telling the story of The Girl and the Golden Bird, guests were swept into a storybook land where they were tasked with bringing the tale to life through fashion, entertainment, fine food and beverages, good company and the ethereal setting of the dressed Crown Ballroom.

    This is my third year covering this event and it was probably my favourite. I have a penchant for whimsical and fairytale themes so I loved watching the looks backstage take on a forested storybook appeal. Top WA designers including Zhivago, Aurelio Costarella, Monster Alphabets, Ae’lkemi and Convict Bags and Accessories showcased their latest collections in mythic fashion.

    DSC03706 DSC03698 DSC03702 DSC03710 DSC03699 DSC03712 DSC03717 DSC03705 DSC03718 DSC03723 DSC03737 DSC03734 DSC03735 DSC03740 DSC03742 DSC03729 DSC03733



    Follow me on Bloglovin!

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    ENTERTAINMENT / Beyonce Rocks Perth Arena for The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Jordana Ripp : November 11, 2013 10:43 am : Entertainment

    Arms length away and up close and personal was the view from my seat (well standing spot) at Beyonce’s debut at the Perth Arena on Saturday night. We all love Beyonce, she exudes a regality that is rare in a business where twerking booties and hitched up boobs are the norm, and a kindness seen in all facets of her life from motherhood, wife, friend and ruler of the music kingdom.

    The Mrs Carter World Tour was a spectacular display of not only Beyonce’s musical talents and passion for her fans, but of emotion and symbolism. Amongst the intimate images of her personal life with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy were powerful visions of world issues she holds dear, a world where poverty exists, bullying prevails and woman’s rights are trampled. Pulling at heart strings to say the least, I was engaged and captivated by the moving imagery before me and along with everyone else  fell head over heals for this awesome woman all over again.

    Welcome to my view of the night:

    Beyonce Perth Arena 2013 6

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World TourBeyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour

    MONSTER crushing on these twins right now!

    Beyonce Perth Arena 2013 4

    Beyonce Perth Arena The Mrs Carter World Tour


    AMAZING show, amazing night, amazing woman. AND I’m loving the chop!




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    The Renegade Collective’s Sydney Covergirl Event

    Jordana Ripp : September 26, 2013 9:25 am : Entertainment

    One of the highlights of my trip to Sydney earlier in the month was attending magazine Renegade Collective’s Covergirl event held at the Whitehouse Institute in Surry Hills. If you haven’t already discovered this mag, stop what you are doing and go straight out to your nearest newstand and grab a copy. It will become your ultimate business of life bible providing the latest developments, news, musings and interviews from around the world sources in everyday tech, lifestyle, fashion, travel, entertainment, the corporate world… you name it they deal with it.

    I have been an avid follower and fan of the magazine since it’s inception earlier in the year and so when I got the opportunity to attend their Covergirl event in Sydney, I jumped straight on the plane! The event included guest speakers (all of whom have graced the Cover of Renegade Collective, hence the event title) Mia Freedman, Layne Beachley, Lorna Jane Clarkson and RG editor Lisa Messenger and hosted by radio personality Bianca Dye. Talking life, loves, business and everything in between these four very powerful women in their own right managed to empower and inspire the room with their stories.

    I’ve put together a photo diary of the afternoon which included an amazing afternoon tea spread and finished with a celebratory cocktail gathering:

    Renegade Collective 11

    Setting the stage

    Renegade Collective 1

    Renegade Collective Editor Lisa Messenger welcoming guests

    Renegade Collective 2

    The hilariously honest Mia Freedman talking about the rise of website Mama Mia and dealing with trolls

    Renegade Collective 3

    The humbly inspiring Layne Beachley giving insight in her battles and wins in both the surfing, sporting and business worlds

    Renegade Collective 5

    AMAZING afternoon tea break

    Renegade Collective 4

    Renegade Collective 6

    Bubbly and gorgeous Lorna Jane Clarkson empowering the room with the Lorna Jane story and her passion for health and life

    Renegade Collective 7

    Lisa Messenger, the smarty pants brain behind Renegade Collective chatting about RG beginnings and the future

    Renegade Collective 10

    Concluding with mingling and cocktails surrounded by candles and canapes with inspirational woman from all around Australia, perfect end to an inspirational afternoon!

    Renegade Collective 8

    Renegade Collective 9



    Issue Four of Renegade Collective is out now so make sure you either download or run out and buy to read about the rise of the Celebritechs, hear about Kate Cebrano’s personal journey, find out what Branson would do and delve into the multi-faceted world of Helena Christensen, and that’s just for starters!

    Big thanks to Lisa, Claire and the rest of the awesome Renegade Collective for having me, loved every minute!



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    Vogue Fashion Night Out 2013: Sydney

    Jordana Ripp : September 25, 2013 9:31 am : Entertainment, Fashion

    Last year while I was in New York for Fashion Week I attended Fashion Night Out, a global initiative started in 2009 by Vogue and CFDA to encourage consumers to shop during what has been a tough economic climate. This hallmark night inundates consumers with opportunity to partake in store events, celebrity guests, entertainment, parties, discounts and the veritable whos who of the city’s fashion elite. New York has so many fashion hubs whether it’s 5th Ave, Soho, Flatiron or Garment Districts etc, that it was impossible to get to all the activity. I chose Soho and had such an amazing time as the precinct opened up into an almost street party like atmosphere with event after event next to each other and red carpets galore.

    With Whitney Port at Fashion Night Out in Soho

    With Whitney Port at Fashion Night Out in Soho

    With the fourth annual event occurring on September 5th, earlier in the month, I decided a trip to the Sydney FNO celebration needed to be experienced. I wan’t disappointed. With Vogue Australia sponsoring the event, the city CBD was turned into a flurry of activity, with every brand and retailer (everyone from Hermes and Louis Vuitton to Sportsgirl, Cue and ASOS) embracing the initiative, on par with what I experienced in New York. Pitt St Mall had pop ups as far as the eye could see including DJ’s, bars, photobooths, parties and promotional activities. There were people everywhere walking in an out of stores and enjoying the festivities, there really was something for everyone whether you were a die hard fashion fan or not.

    I spent most of my night with Sydney designer Denise M Vera scoping out the events at David Jones along with various other activities in the Pitt St Mall. Here is my photo diary of the night:

    Vogue Fashion Night Out 12

    Opening Welcome set up outside David Jones on Elizabeth St

    Opening Welcome set up outside David Jones on Elizabeth St


    Vogue Fashion Night Out 1

    Essie Nail Polish pop up in Pitt St

    Vogue Fashion Night Out 2

    Stylerunner Dj and Photo booth pop up in Pitt St

    My partner in crime for the evening designer Miss Denise M Vera and I muscling up the Stylerunner Photobooth - looks like I'm inadvertantly channelling a bit of Ruth Tarvydas!

    My partner in crime for the evening designer Miss Denise M Vera and I muscling up the Stylerunner Photobooth – looks like I’m inadvertantly channelling a bit of Ruth Tarvydas!

    Vogue Fashion Night Out 4

    The gorgeous David Jones Spring embellishments as you walk in store

    Vogue Fashion Night Out 5

    First DJ’s runway show of the evening showcasing Megan Gale’s Isola range. Megan chats to Vogue Australia editor Edwina McCann to kick off the evening

    Blogger Rochelle Fox talks to the crowd about her collaboration with Sara Donaldson of Harper and Harley on the David Jones #WEARE campaign

    Blogger Rochelle Fox talks to the crowd about her collaboration with Sara Donaldson of Harper and Harley on the David Jones #WEARE campaign

    Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley and I after her #WEARE David Jones show

    Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley and I after her #WEARE David Jones show

    Quick chat and snap with Rochelle Fox before she jumps into the Davide Jones DJ booth for the evening

    Quick chat and snap with Rochelle Fox before she jumps into the Davide Jones DJ booth for the evening

    The gorgeous Perth native, Sydney resider, stylist Claire Fabb of Style By Yellow Button giving us her edit on upcoming summer trends

    The gorgeous Perth native, Sydney residing, stylist Claire Fabb of Style By Yellow Button giving us her edit on upcoming summer trends

    Moving back out onto the street we spotted the Vogue promo girls

    Moving back out onto the street we spotted the Vogue promo girls

    Ducking into Wanted Shoes to chat to Sydney Fashion Blogger and check out all the awesome footwear

    Ducking into Wanted Shoes to chat to Sydney Fashion Blogger and check out all the awesome footwear

    Ending the evening watching Dan Single founder of Ksubi turn tables in the Pitt St Mall

    Ending the evening watching Dan Single founder of Ksubi turn tables in the Pitt St Mall

    Not quite sure what Dan is doing here but maybe concerned the Stenmark Twins are leaving??

    Not quite sure what Dan is doing here but maybe concerned the Stenmark Twins are leaving??


    I would definitely recommend putting this in your diary for next year, even if it’s for an annual East Coast shopping trip – the deals were insane!!





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    Layne Beachley Chats to Perth Style Via The Renegade Collective

    Jordana Ripp : July 24, 2013 4:04 pm : Entertainment, Interview, Lifestyle
    [By Jordana Ripp]


    With seven world surfing titles, countless charity involvement, books, apparel, awards and founder of Aim For The Stars Foundation, not to mention being branded with the coveted title of Aussie icon (phew mouthful!), Layne Beachley isn’t your ordinary sporting star. Talking to The Renegade Collective in their third installment, Layne openly tells of her struggles and triumphs both professionally and personally that has lead her to where she is today. I won’t spoil the rest of it for you, just promise me you’ll run out and get a copy as Layne’s story is a source of inspiration for woman not just in business or sport, but in life and love.


    Images courtesy The Collective/ Photographer Peter Collie

    Images courtesy The Collective/ Photographer Peter Collie


    While you’re waiting for that Renegade copy to download, take a squizz at the chat Perth Style was given the opportunity to do with Layne. Here’s what she had to say:


    PS: As an Australian icon as well as a role model for many Aussie women, what would you say has been the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome as a woman in business?
    LB: As a young girl growing up surfing in Manly, I learned very early on the value of being really clear on what I want to achieve, surrounding myself with positive, encouraging and knowledgable people and standing up for myself by fighting for what I believe in. The major hurdle in business for me has been asking the right questions, being willing to stand up for myself and asking for what I want. Contrary to my success in my surfing career, I failed to maintain the same level of clarity, good people and the inner strength and resilience required to succeed in the business world. Extremely valuable lessons.


    PS: We are all aware that the retail market has some very defined struggles at the moment, in Perth recently we’ve had a number of talented designers have to shut their doors due to mounting pressures such as rising production and overhead costs etc. How did these oncoming market issues impact the hard personal decision to close Beachley Athletic? 
    LB: There is no doubt that the current economic climate and retail environment is experiencing a lot of uncertainty. Beachley Athletic is one of 3 brands that have got up and then failed, all due to a variety reasons. Primarily the reason for the demise of my retail brands was related to quality. Quality of the product, quality of the shopping experience established by the distribution channels, quality of the people involved and quality of my skill set. None of it was right so the best thing for me to do at the time was to swallow my pride, cut my losses and move on.


    Layne surfing a barrel at Teahupoo, Tahiti. Image Source: The Brisbane Times

    Layne surfing a barrel at Teahupoo, Tahiti. Image Source: The Brisbane Times


    PS: Having been an active personality amongst various charities of various dedications, what was it about the concept for Aim For the Stars that inspired it’s inception? 
    LB: My rise to  becoming world champion was extremely challenging on a variety of levels, none more so than the financial strain of supporting a sporting career. I established the foundation to prevent girls  from having to endure that same level of financial hardship and adversity, which ultimately leads to a lot of disbanded dreams and broken hearts. The foundation has changed peoples lives for  the better and enabled hundreds of young girls and women to maintain a determined focus on their goal. The have the courage to ask for help and we have the means to support them. It’s a  very rewarding and satisfying charity to work on.


    PS: The personal struggles you’ve had to endure are some of the hardest anyone has had to go through. Having worked through them and come out the other side stronger, how do you  think this is shaped the way you approach life and work today?
    LB: All of my challenges have presented me with opportunities. The opportunity to grow, become stronger, wiser and more  successful. Setbacks, disappointments and adversity are a necessary part of our journey through life so maintaining a positive attitude with a healthy dose of gratitude which keeps me moving  forward. There are days when it all becomes too hard at which point I share my challenges with others or I go surfing to rinse my mind, body and soul and let it all go. All mistakes are learning  opportunities.


    (left) Layne with husband Kirk Pengilly at the Instyle Woman of Style Awards and (right) Layne at the Laureus World Sports Awards. Images sourced from instylemag.com and zimbio.com

    (left) Layne with husband Kirk Pengilly at the Instyle Woman of Style Awards and (right) Layne at the Laureus World Sports Awards. Images sourced from instylemag.com and zimbio.com


    A big thanks to Layne and The Renegade Team for sharing with us. Perth Style salutes you both!

    For more information about Layne and Aim For the Stars, jump here.


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    Lisa Messenger: Our Chat With the Brains Behind Renegade Collective!

    Jordana Ripp : May 22, 2013 12:11 pm : Entertainment, Fashion, Interview, Lifestyle

    It’s been no secret that here at Perth Style we have been Renegade Collective crusaders from the moment it appeared on the newsstand. This ‘now-cultural’ bible brings together, in one aesthetically articulate space, everything from fashion and beauty, to tech, travel, lifestyle, art, the future (you name it, they deal with it) all from the unique perspective and angle taken by Publisher/Editor Lisa Messenger and the rad Renegade team. With the latest edition having been released earlier in the month, we were given the opportunity to ask Lisa a couple questions of our own about RC and why it rocks our socks! Here’s what she had to say:

    Lisa M[1] - Copy

    PS: Congratulations on such a great second issue and such an impactful entry into the print market! The magazine is punchy, forward and full of imagery and information pertinent to today’s multifaceted lifestyles. That said, what made you decide to incorporate the print component as opposed to purely online – the tact most new and established publications seem to be taking?

    LM: Thank you for your gorgeous feedback. In absolutely everything we do I try to go off trend and flip the expected. So, if everyone is going online we’ll do the opposite.  Having said that we do have a large and growing online presence.  We’re extremely active with our wonderful community across social media and we are in the process of building a more comprehensive website. We’re also on tablet through the Magshop and Zinio apps.  Online is certainly a very integrated part of our play moving forward.

    PS: Personally I am a big fan of print – I still go to bookstores, I buy physical magazines and have been known to cut out an article or two from the newspaper. Part of what drew me into Renegade Collective was the texture and personality of the magazine. As you move through the pages from insights to story, there is a tactile change from glossy to raw edge, what was the aesthetic decision behind the look and feel of the magazine?

    LM: I wanted something really high quality and really gorgeous that just spoke to people.  It’s a magazine for creatives and entrepreneurs so we wanted to reflect that in the design. My design girls – Jade and Edie are just fabulous and they come up with great ideas every day. I feel truly blessed.

    PS: As a fashion, style, beauty and entertainment blogger, I’m naturally drawn to the respective articles in Renegade Collective. What inspires your choice of brands/designers/creatives profiled and interviewed in the magazine?

    LM: The entire mandate of the magazine is that it must be the story behind the story and each story must be inspirational and aspirational.  I will NEVER run a story on a brand for brands sake and will never do fashion or beauty just because. The brands have to have intrinsic consumer meaning and the founders have to be willing to be really open and honest and talk through the hard or personal stuff.  We want our readers to be inspired, to learn from everything within the magazine and to feel like they too can start a business or succeed in their existing business.  Its all about saying that anything is possible and trying to give real life examples of how this plays out.

    PS: It’s great to see bloggers such as Zanita Morgan and We The People, have a standout voice within the pages of Renegade Collective, in your eyes, what sets them apart from the pack?

    LM: I get so incredibly inspired by bloggers and people who can build their own brands these days.  With online truly anything is possible and this has opened up all sorts of opportunities so I love showcasing stories like this to inspire others to do the same.  We will definitely be showcasing a lot more people in this space moving forward.

    PS: What was the biggest inspiration or ideal behind the creation of Renegade Collective?

    LM: Like many of our readers seem to be, I was sick of the salacious gossip and vacuous content that appears in many media. I wanted to do something different. That could inspire and speak to people and give everyone hope and dreams and to show that with a great idea and a good dose of tenacity anything is possible.
    Lisa Messenger

    You can pick up your own copy of Edition 2 at any leading supermarkets or newsagents but if online is more your style you can subscribe or download the digital copy through Zinio, Magshop on either The App Store or Google Play.

    Keep up the great work Lisa!



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