The Future is Here: The Steam Pod Revolution

Every curly/frizzy haired person undoubtedly knows the pain I go through to keep my locks silky smooth. The countless hours spent in the salons, the money spent on millions of straightening elixirs and appliances and the panic caused by possibly being caught without an umbrella in the winter…

The straightening revolutions over the years have been steady with chemical straightening, sophisticated straighteners and advanced treatments (I am still holding out for the day when we will be able to permanently change our hair genetics to get rid of frizz – don’t ask me how or even if it’s logical, it’s a dream and I’m sticking to it!) taking the forefront, substantially improving our ability to obtain hairstyles and looks that were previously unachievable.

My straightening iron is my saviour so when I was asked by the amazing people at Maurice Meade to trial the new L’Oreal Steam Pod I became ridiculously excited… actually embarrassingly excited. This new device not only straightens your hair, it also nourishes it at the same time. Using steam to infuse the hair cuticle with pro-keratin (applied prior to using the straightener) the combination results in a healthy frizz free mane.

Evenly distributing the pro-keratin cream through damp hair

Hair is dried off to approximately 80% and then sectioned to easily glide the Steam Pod through

Once complete, the Protective Smoothing Serum is applied

 The Results: a healthy smooth mane!

Before (apologies for the blurred image – one can only assume the camera freaked out at the sight of my wayward hair!) and After!


This futuristic little straightening gem is currently only available in salons and typically costs no more than a regular blow dry however a home use version is due for release later this year (woohoo!!!!).

Thank you to the Maurice Meade team for letting us trial this amazing product. Not only did I have great hair for day, it maintained it’s shine and luster through the winter conditions (no frizz, curls or flyaways – AMAZING) right up until I had to wash it!

To check out the Steam Pod for yourself you can contact any of the Maurice Meade salons across Perth.


Happy Smoothing, Straightening and Defrizzing!!


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