Grunge Glam: Get Your Rock On!

[By Sadie Davidson]

Okay guys it’s time to dig out your old Nirvana cassette tapes because the 90s are back with a vengeance! The Grunge Glam trend originally headed by the likes of Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani is well and truly back on the scene.

This edgy yet sophisticated style (Think, hats like fedoras and berets, ombre hair, unnatural shades like pink and purple, combat boots, leather pants and that farmer friend’s check shirt) not only can take you back to your more rebellious days but also show off your new found womanly sophistication.

Stars from Kirsten Stewart to Nicole Richie have all been spotted sporting the grunge glam trend.

Grunge Glam1

So how do you do it? We are not as young as we were the first time the trend rolled into town, so how do you mix edgy with age appropriate?

Here are some of Grazia‘s top tips to rock the grunge glam:

1.    Embrace your age: Although the vibe of this look is a bit teenage rebel without a cause, you cannot escape the fact that your formative years may have been and gone. The best way to make sure you rock this youthful look whilst embracing your age is to make sure at least one item is tailored. Maybe a well-tailored jacket, or some high-waisted pants. For inspiration look to celebs such as Gwen Stefani and Nicole Richie, who ooze sophistication while still looking like they just walked out of a rock concert.

2.  It’s all about the shoes!:  Take a leaf out of Kirsten Stewarts book  and update your current wardrobe by adding a pair heavy doc martin boots. You can literally wear them with anything and will give you a grunge edge.

3.    Think big: Oversize is in.  Big boyfriend style shirts and heavy knits will add that all-important just rolled out of bed vibe to your look.

4.    Balance your beauty: whilst undone hair complements glam-grunge trend brilliantly, make sure you keep your make-up look polished with a glossy nude or strong red-hue lip.


Grunge Glam2

To really nail the grunge glam, mix your closet up with some these staple pieces: printed statement tees, combat or Doc Martin boots, heavy jumpers and leather jackets or skinnies:

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Looking forward to seeing this trend emerge as the months get cooler, but in the meantime if you have any Grunge Glam tips or ideas, make sure you share them with us! 

Happy Glamming Up Your Grunge!

<3 PS xo