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If you haven’t already heard of fashion illustrator Meagan Morrison and are motivated by all things color then make sure you head over to this girl’s Instagram page for a happy dose of color therapy. Filled with her loves of fashion and travel, Meagan brings a whole new dimension to the illustrator tag, capturing catwalks and events across Europe, USA and wandering the world over to capture the cultural beauty of destinations including Morocco and Thailand.

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Sharing three years of friendship, a love of travel, fashion and all things colorful, with often oceans between us, Meagan is someone I’ve truly admired from the get-go for having the courage to pursue her dreams and find success among them. Having worked in illustration and design for 6 years in New York, Meagan made the challenging decision to break away from the 9-5pm work life and further develop her own artistic brand – Travel Write Draw.

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One of the first things she asked me when endeavoring to do this, was what I thought made her different from the rest. I told her, her personality. Not only was her work beautiful but her openness and happy demeanor always shone through in not only her work but her brand. It wasn’t long after this that I met her in New York for Fashion Week and within weeks of establishing herself as a single entity, she had projects lined up with Lucky Magazine, Conde Nast Traveller, Calvin Klein, Rebecca Minkoff, Missoni (to name a few), new clients and travel opportunities on the horizon. Instagram found her during the aftermath of Fashion Week and featured her page, opening her audience wider and giving her a greater platform for which to publish her work.

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Today, Meagan spends her time doing what she loves and has become one of my beacons of light whilst paving my own path.

I caught up with Meagan between continent hopping to get her thoughts on life since the shift:

You took a leap of faith to break out on your own and start working for yourself. What helped you make this decision?

It was the culmination of many factors and I really just felt it in my gut. The full-time position I had been in for the past 18 months was no longer challenging or inspiring me. Also, I had worked really hard to amp up my social following on Instagram and rekindled my love for my blog. Eventually brands took notice and I had enough client work coming in to feel confident enough to leave. It was that “now-or-never” type of leap and I have not looked back since.

What has been the best adventure/project you have worked on so far?

It is honestly so difficult to choose!! I have had so many wild dreams come true this year, and I feel so incredibly grateful and fortunate. But if I had to pick one, I would say partnering with Conde Nast Traveler and Bermuda Tourism in December. When they originally pitched the project, I was up against a few other bloggers, but once I suggested illustrating my way through the island, they were sold, and that’s how “Drawn to Bermuda” came to be. It was was the first time I was featured in a major publication as a traveling fashion illustrator and CNT has always been an aspirational client of mine from the time I started Travel Write Draw in September 2010. I practically built the blog with them in mind.

Your artwork is always so vibrant with color, are you more drawn to subjects that display this vibrancy?

Absolutely yes. I really can’t help it either. I love to dress in color and print and I love to illustrate it too. It is just so fun for me and my heart races when I see the right combination of color, texture, and shape on a fashion figure.

Do you have any fun summer projects coming up?
I do indeed, and fortunately they all involve travel in one way or another.

What you would tell anyone venturing to take their own leap of faith/next step/chance to chase their passions?

I would say that only you have the answers. Only you know what is right for you. For me it came down to either taking a big risk to live a life I loved, or residing to a life that left me feeling unsatisfied. I couldn’t settle for that. Your happiness is your responsibility so be proactive and go after what you want. It took me 6 years of being in NYC to get to the place I am today. It is always a work in progress so be patient with yourself and reasonable with your expectations. Dream big but start small. Slowly build towards your destination. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, so if you’re in it for the long haul, fall in love with the journey, and always, always be grateful for what you have already.



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