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For as long as I can remember my Mom has been an avid tea connoisseur. By the time I learnt to boil the kettle, I also learnt exactly how she took her tea, what colour it should look like, what cup she preferred it in and that forgetting, the sometimes forgot, mandatory splash of cold water meant returning to the kitchen to fix the mistake.

I grew up loving tea just as much, with one of my earliest childhood memories spent spinning endlessly on the Tea Cups at Disneyland and longing to be Alice at one of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Parties. I’d like to say I’ve matured a little since then (this is a lie, I still want to be Alice and apparently I’m still spinning in cups) and have grown to enjoy a cup often whilst contemplating life, making hard decisions, quietening my brian, reawakening my senses, enjoying a good book, warming up on a cold winters night, relaxing in the bath or just because I feel like it.

Tea Cups

Happily spinning in the cups at Disneyland…. really not that long ago… we are talking months… I loved it!

My latest tea craze is merchant, The Seventh Duchess. Created by Perth based Tessa Bontempo, the collection’s namesake was inspired by 19th century’s, Anna Russell – the Seventh Duchess of Bedford, whose high society status and penchant of afternoon gatherings with close friends became the ritual we enjoy today – the afternoon tea.

With a variety of blends, The Seventh Duchess brings the experience of tea drinking to just that, back to it’s original intentions of being an experience. You aren’t just throwing a bag into some hot water, you’re creating an aromatic blend from loose leaf traditions of days gone by. Organically cleansing with lemongrass and hints of cinnamon, I’ve come to rely on my evenings with The Seventh Duchess Radiance Detox Tea. My perfect end to an often long day.


To check out the full collection of blends and stockists, aswell as the latest soy candle range, jump on – you can thank me later… in The Seventh Duchess tea please!

The Seventh Duchess


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