LIFESTYLE / Yoganastics in the Park with Nike

Childhood for me was a series of endless backflips, handstands and cartwheels. Between gymnastics and springboard diving, my Mom was forever shuffling my sister and I from gym to poolside to conquer our incessant need to be anywhere but upright.

Through my teens, I managed to carve out a ten year career in springboard diving which involved morning and nights spent perfecting technique and strength in everything from boardwork, takeoff, performance and entry. There is a lot of mechanics involved and the more agile you are in your ground work, the better prepared you are for dive performance.

These days I'm more confined to land training and have found that keeping in shape requires a constant need for my mind to be active. I choose activities that keep me switched on rather than zoned out, which is what I find going to the regular gym does to me. Aerial acrobatics, yoga, and gymnastic work are my favourite fitness forms and last night in the absence of one of my regular classes, I decided to take the new Nikes I picked up from Footlocker, out for a test drive for a bit of Yoganastics (Yoga/Gymnastics blend) in the park.

Nike 6

Nike 8

Nike 14

Nike 7Nike 16


Nike 15

Nike 12

Nike 3





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