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Lisa Messenger: Our Chat With the Brains Behind Renegade Collective!

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It’s been no secret that here at Perth Style we have been Renegade Collective crusaders from the moment it appeared on the newsstand. This ‘now-cultural’ bible brings together, in one aesthetically articulate space, everything from fashion and beauty, to tech, travel, lifestyle, art, the future (you name it, they deal with it) all from the unique perspective and angle taken by Publisher/Editor Lisa Messenger and the rad Renegade team. With the latest edition having been released earlier in the month, we were given the opportunity to ask Lisa a couple questions of our own about RC and why it rocks our socks! Here’s what she had to say:

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PS: Congratulations on such a great second issue and such an impactful entry into the print market! The magazine is punchy, forward and full of imagery and information pertinent to today’s multifaceted lifestyles. That said, what made you decide to incorporate the print component as opposed to purely online – the tact most new and established publications seem to be taking?

LM: Thank you for your gorgeous feedback. In absolutely everything we do I try to go off trend and flip the expected. So, if everyone is going online we’ll do the opposite.  Having said that we do have a large and growing online presence.  We’re extremely active with our wonderful community across social media and we are in the process of building a more comprehensive website. We’re also on tablet through the Magshop and Zinio apps.  Online is certainly a very integrated part of our play moving forward.

PS: Personally I am a big fan of print – I still go to bookstores, I buy physical magazines and have been known to cut out an article or two from the newspaper. Part of what drew me into Renegade Collective was the texture and personality of the magazine. As you move through the pages from insights to story, there is a tactile change from glossy to raw edge, what was the aesthetic decision behind the look and feel of the magazine?

LM: I wanted something really high quality and really gorgeous that just spoke to people.  It’s a magazine for creatives and entrepreneurs so we wanted to reflect that in the design. My design girls – Jade and Edie are just fabulous and they come up with great ideas every day. I feel truly blessed.

PS: As a fashion, style, beauty and entertainment blogger, I’m naturally drawn to the respective articles in Renegade Collective. What inspires your choice of brands/designers/creatives profiled and interviewed in the magazine?

LM: The entire mandate of the magazine is that it must be the story behind the story and each story must be inspirational and aspirational.  I will NEVER run a story on a brand for brands sake and will never do fashion or beauty just because. The brands have to have intrinsic consumer meaning and the founders have to be willing to be really open and honest and talk through the hard or personal stuff.  We want our readers to be inspired, to learn from everything within the magazine and to feel like they too can start a business or succeed in their existing business.  Its all about saying that anything is possible and trying to give real life examples of how this plays out.

PS: It’s great to see bloggers such as Zanita Morgan and We The People, have a standout voice within the pages of Renegade Collective, in your eyes, what sets them apart from the pack?

LM: I get so incredibly inspired by bloggers and people who can build their own brands these days.  With online truly anything is possible and this has opened up all sorts of opportunities so I love showcasing stories like this to inspire others to do the same.  We will definitely be showcasing a lot more people in this space moving forward.

PS: What was the biggest inspiration or ideal behind the creation of Renegade Collective?

LM: Like many of our readers seem to be, I was sick of the salacious gossip and vacuous content that appears in many media. I wanted to do something different. That could inspire and speak to people and give everyone hope and dreams and to show that with a great idea and a good dose of tenacity anything is possible.
Lisa Messenger

You can pick up your own copy of Edition 2 at any leading supermarkets or newsagents but if online is more your style you can subscribe or download the digital copy through Zinio, Magshop on either The App Store or Google Play.

Keep up the great work Lisa!



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