Instagram Muse / Lavender Gypset with Coconut Lemon and Lime

Jordana Ripp : December 21, 2014 12:10 pm : Fashion, Lifestyle

I love colour. If I could, I would have a pantone wall of hues just for those days when it’s grey outside and I’m in much need of a rainbow. I tend to gravitate to colour for inspiration, visual pick-me-ups and just general mermaid happiness, which is why I’m in love the pastel concoction of Coconut Lemon and Lime. Leana, the gorgeous lavender gypsy Instagrammer and blogger behind @coconutandlime infuses her carefree spirit into a watercolour rainbow of fashion (she has some mad flatlay skills!), lifestyle, travel and inspiration.

IMG_6244 IMG_6245 IMG_6246 IMG_6247 IMG_6248 IMG_6249 IMG_6250 IMG_6251 IMG_6252 IMG_6253 IMG_6254 IMG_6255 IMG_6256 IMG_6258 IMG_6259 IMG_6260 IMG_6261 IMG_6262 IMG_6263 IMG_6264 IMG_6265 IMG_6266 IMG_6257


Get pastel-ly inspired with Coconut Lemon and Lime and find her here: Facebook | Instagram | Bloglovin | Blog

Images sourced from @coconutandlime


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FOOD / Gracias Madre WeHo: Vegan for the Vegan and Non-Vegan

Jordana Ripp : December 5, 2014 10:21 am : Lifestyle

I’m not a vegan or even vegetarian however I really enjoy well made vegan food. A few years ago a girlfriend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time, introduced me to her vegan lifestyle. Since then I’ve been dabbled in vegan and vegetarian recipes, tried vegan restaurants and often substitute various products such as almond milk and meat substitutes into my diet.

LA is certainly the place to be if you want a variety of vegan options. With the help of some locals and vego friends I’ve tried a number of them however I cannot rave enough about vegan Mexican restaurant Gracias Madre. Located on Melrose Ave and set in what I can only describe as the ideal Spanish styled villa with exposed brick, wood and tile, earthy notes, serape accents, Patron Saints and a magical al fresco full of dancing fairy lights. Even before trying the food, I’m happy to just sit and decipher the detail it’s taken to put this space together.



Gracias Madre 2Gracias Madre 8Gracias Madre 3


Inspired by traditional organic Mexican food, the menu has a wide range of specialised plates aimed to maximise flavours and leave you merrily full. Further to the stylised menu there is a array of organic Mexican cocktails, beers, wines, juices, teas and coffees catering to all occasions as well as an extensive collection of boutique Tequilas.


GM_WEB_slider_06 GM_WEB_slider_10

If you are travelling to Los Angeles anytime soon, this should be a must do on your gastronomic list whether you are vegan/vego or just a plain eat-everything-in-sight kinda person like me.

I would suggest just about anything on the menu however I do have a couple favourties:

Gracias Madre 9

To check out the full menu and inspirations online head here, otherwise you can experience my yet to top favourite restaurant at:

8905 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood CA

Ph: +1 323 978 2170


Imagery: Official images from and personal images courtesy of Unscrippted


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Farewell Perth Style, Hello Unscrippted!

Jordana Ripp : June 3, 2014 3:16 pm : Fashion, Lifestyle

This change has been coming for awhile now and I’m sure if you were there with me from the beginning you certainly would have noticed the evolution from the Perth Style of 2012 to Perth Style of 2014. Starting out as a creative space for myself and close friend Jen to collaborate and put together our views on local, national and international fashion and beauty trends, PS has given us the opportunity to work with some amazing designers, models, photographers, retailers and so many more industry influencers. During the last two years I’ve had the opportunity to attend two New York Fashion Week seasons and continuing on with Jen to trek across the rest of the US exploring the fashion climate change. We were involved in Perth Fashion Festival, made it over to Sydney and Melbourne for their respective fashion weeks and have had so many fun experiences and met so many amazing people along the way.

Perth Style428029_10151371142465473_1357071869_n

Perth Style Behind the Scenes shooting Ae'lkemi

Perth Style Behind the Scenes shooting Ae’lkemi

With Jen’s amazing career in hairdressing having taken off over the last year, which has lead to her taking a back seat in the day to day running of the blog, the result has been a slow progression into more of my own personal views and experiences, including some of my own personal styling pieces. It was at this point  late last year I realized that what I was working on wasn’t really Perth Style anymore. With much contemplation, thought, pro and con lists, advice seeking, tech exploration a couple dream heavy nights, I finally decided it was time to bid farewell to the Perth Style chapter and open an Unscrippted one.

Other than name and address change, there isn’t going to be a whole lot different to what you have been seeing over the last few months. There will be more of a personal presence and it will certainly read more like a blog as opposed to the more conversational reporting style of PS. My aim is to express all aspects of my life that are near and dear to me, be that fashion, art, beauty, technology, fitness, travel, you name it, if I love it, it’ll cameo on Unscrippted.

For Love and Lemons 6Jordana Ripp

Unscrippted to me has so many meanings. In a literal sense it’s about leading a unscripted life, not having to conform if you don’t want to, not having your life planned down to a T and embracing change. I have had the opportunity to do a lot of travel in my life, having moved back and forth from the States several times, so the importance of embracing change has been instilled in me from a young age. I have great admiration for my parents who were able to shift our little family back and forth, insuring that whilst change is inevitable, we always had a sense of home. This penchant for adventure certainly rubbed off on my sister and I, to the point that Farrin has been pretty hard to pin down since she finished high school. At any given time it’s not a surprise to find her snorkeling in the Maldives, bungy jumping in New Zealand, trekking through South America, being chased by bulls in Spain, air ballooning in Turkey or chatting to the locals in Cuba (I could go on…). My sense of adventure sways slightly toward the Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Milano, and Lorcarno’s of the world, but that might have a little to do with my fashion obsession ;)

My first fashion strut in hometown San Diego

My first fashion strut in hometown San Diego

You may have noticed the extra “p” in Unscrippted – this is a nod to my last name Ripp – a bespoke meaning of the word, a representation of me. Side note: I was born in San Diego at Scripps Hospital so the name really was meant to be!

I had intended this to be just a short intro but it seems I had more to say than I thought! Heads up – over the next couple of days the blog may have a slower loading times and you may see discrepancies where Perth Style is still stated – bare with me as I get all my ducks in a row.  I’m still working on what to do with the Facebook and YouTube account as it’s not an easy name change fix, if anyone has any advice, send it my way, otherwise I’ll meet you on that Unscrippted flipside.



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LIFESTYLE / Tea and The Seventh Duchess

Jordana Ripp : February 12, 2014 9:34 pm : Lifestyle

For as long as I can remember my Mom has been an avid tea connoisseur. By the time I learnt to boil the kettle, I also learnt exactly how she took her tea, what colour it should look like, what cup she preferred it in and that forgetting, the sometimes forgot, mandatory splash of cold water meant returning to the kitchen to fix the mistake.

I grew up loving tea just as much, with one of my earliest childhood memories spent spinning endlessly on the Tea Cups at Disneyland and longing to be Alice at one of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Parties. I’d like to say I’ve matured a little since then (this is a lie, I still want to be Alice and apparently I’m still spinning in cups) and have grown to enjoy a cup often whilst contemplating life, making hard decisions, quietening my brian, reawakening my senses, enjoying a good book, warming up on a cold winters night, relaxing in the bath or just because I feel like it.

Tea Cups

Happily spinning in the cups at Disneyland…. really not that long ago… we are talking months… I loved it!

My latest tea craze is merchant, The Seventh Duchess. Created by Perth based Tessa Bontempo, the collection’s namesake was inspired by 19th century’s, Anna Russell – the Seventh Duchess of Bedford, whose high society status and penchant of afternoon gatherings with close friends became the ritual we enjoy today – the afternoon tea.

With a variety of blends, The Seventh Duchess brings the experience of tea drinking to just that, back to it’s original intentions of being an experience. You aren’t just throwing a bag into some hot water, you’re creating an aromatic blend from loose leaf traditions of days gone by. Organically cleansing with lemongrass and hints of cinnamon, I’ve come to rely on my evenings with The Seventh Duchess Radiance Detox Tea. My perfect end to an often long day.


To check out the full collection of blends and stockists, aswell as the latest soy candle range, jump on – you can thank me later… in The Seventh Duchess tea please!

The Seventh Duchess


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LIFESTYLE / Yoganastics in the Park with Nike

Jordana Ripp : January 16, 2014 8:51 am : Lifestyle

Childhood for me was a series of endless backflips, handstands and cartwheels. Between gymnastics and springboard diving, my Mom was forever shuffling my sister and I from gym to poolside to conquer our incessant need to be anywhere but upright.

Through my teens, I managed to carve out a ten year career in springboard diving which involved morning and nights spent perfecting technique and strength in everything from boardwork, takeoff, performance and entry. There is a lot of mechanics involved and the more agile you are in your ground work, the better prepared you are for dive performance.

These days I’m more confined to land training and have found that keeping in shape requires a constant need for my mind to be active. I choose activities that keep me switched on rather than zoned out, which is what I find going to the regular gym does to me. Aerial acrobatics, yoga, and gymnastic work are my favourite fitness forms and last night in the absence of one of my regular classes, I decided to take the new Nikes I picked up from Footlocker, out for a test drive for a bit of Yoganastics (Yoga/Gymnastics blend) in the park.

Nike 6

Nike 8

Nike 14

Nike 7Nike 16


Nike 15

Nike 12

Nike 3





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@ElleAus Lifts the Curtain on Their Online Debut!

Jordana Ripp : August 19, 2013 1:50 pm : Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

[By Jordana Ripp]

The much anticipated launch day of the Elle Australia website is finally here (weeeeeeeeeee!)! Going live this morning, the website has a definite chic street-style vibe, tailoring to that voyeuristic fashion lens we love so much. My favourite? The Street Style page. Cataloging some of the best 2013 looks so far as they strut the pavement from New York to Sydney, Paris to Vietnam and every style mecca in-between. If you haven’t already bookmarked the site, make sure it’s the next thing your cursor does. The daily dose of Elle Aussie style is set to be our latest fashion bible!

Elle Australia

Images from Elle Australia – Street Style


Come September we will be seeing ELLE Aus on our newstands so to be one of the first to get your copy, make sure you subscribe here – I’ll race you to it!


Congratulations to Justine Cullen and the rest of the super fly team at ELLE Aus – Perth Style salutes you!



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Layne Beachley Chats to Perth Style Via The Renegade Collective

Jordana Ripp : July 24, 2013 4:04 pm : Entertainment, Interview, Lifestyle
[By Jordana Ripp]


With seven world surfing titles, countless charity involvement, books, apparel, awards and founder of Aim For The Stars Foundation, not to mention being branded with the coveted title of Aussie icon (phew mouthful!), Layne Beachley isn’t your ordinary sporting star. Talking to The Renegade Collective in their third installment, Layne openly tells of her struggles and triumphs both professionally and personally that has lead her to where she is today. I won’t spoil the rest of it for you, just promise me you’ll run out and get a copy as Layne’s story is a source of inspiration for woman not just in business or sport, but in life and love.


Images courtesy The Collective/ Photographer Peter Collie

Images courtesy The Collective/ Photographer Peter Collie


While you’re waiting for that Renegade copy to download, take a squizz at the chat Perth Style was given the opportunity to do with Layne. Here’s what she had to say:


PS: As an Australian icon as well as a role model for many Aussie women, what would you say has been the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome as a woman in business?
LB: As a young girl growing up surfing in Manly, I learned very early on the value of being really clear on what I want to achieve, surrounding myself with positive, encouraging and knowledgable people and standing up for myself by fighting for what I believe in. The major hurdle in business for me has been asking the right questions, being willing to stand up for myself and asking for what I want. Contrary to my success in my surfing career, I failed to maintain the same level of clarity, good people and the inner strength and resilience required to succeed in the business world. Extremely valuable lessons.


PS: We are all aware that the retail market has some very defined struggles at the moment, in Perth recently we’ve had a number of talented designers have to shut their doors due to mounting pressures such as rising production and overhead costs etc. How did these oncoming market issues impact the hard personal decision to close Beachley Athletic? 
LB: There is no doubt that the current economic climate and retail environment is experiencing a lot of uncertainty. Beachley Athletic is one of 3 brands that have got up and then failed, all due to a variety reasons. Primarily the reason for the demise of my retail brands was related to quality. Quality of the product, quality of the shopping experience established by the distribution channels, quality of the people involved and quality of my skill set. None of it was right so the best thing for me to do at the time was to swallow my pride, cut my losses and move on.


Layne surfing a barrel at Teahupoo, Tahiti. Image Source: The Brisbane Times

Layne surfing a barrel at Teahupoo, Tahiti. Image Source: The Brisbane Times


PS: Having been an active personality amongst various charities of various dedications, what was it about the concept for Aim For the Stars that inspired it’s inception? 
LB: My rise to  becoming world champion was extremely challenging on a variety of levels, none more so than the financial strain of supporting a sporting career. I established the foundation to prevent girls  from having to endure that same level of financial hardship and adversity, which ultimately leads to a lot of disbanded dreams and broken hearts. The foundation has changed peoples lives for  the better and enabled hundreds of young girls and women to maintain a determined focus on their goal. The have the courage to ask for help and we have the means to support them. It’s a  very rewarding and satisfying charity to work on.


PS: The personal struggles you’ve had to endure are some of the hardest anyone has had to go through. Having worked through them and come out the other side stronger, how do you  think this is shaped the way you approach life and work today?
LB: All of my challenges have presented me with opportunities. The opportunity to grow, become stronger, wiser and more  successful. Setbacks, disappointments and adversity are a necessary part of our journey through life so maintaining a positive attitude with a healthy dose of gratitude which keeps me moving  forward. There are days when it all becomes too hard at which point I share my challenges with others or I go surfing to rinse my mind, body and soul and let it all go. All mistakes are learning  opportunities.


(left) Layne with husband Kirk Pengilly at the Instyle Woman of Style Awards and (right) Layne at the Laureus World Sports Awards. Images sourced from and

(left) Layne with husband Kirk Pengilly at the Instyle Woman of Style Awards and (right) Layne at the Laureus World Sports Awards. Images sourced from and


A big thanks to Layne and The Renegade Team for sharing with us. Perth Style salutes you both!

For more information about Layne and Aim For the Stars, jump here.


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Lisa Messenger: Our Chat With the Brains Behind Renegade Collective!

Jordana Ripp : May 22, 2013 12:11 pm : Entertainment, Fashion, Interview, Lifestyle

It’s been no secret that here at Perth Style we have been Renegade Collective crusaders from the moment it appeared on the newsstand. This ‘now-cultural’ bible brings together, in one aesthetically articulate space, everything from fashion and beauty, to tech, travel, lifestyle, art, the future (you name it, they deal with it) all from the unique perspective and angle taken by Publisher/Editor Lisa Messenger and the rad Renegade team. With the latest edition having been released earlier in the month, we were given the opportunity to ask Lisa a couple questions of our own about RC and why it rocks our socks! Here’s what she had to say:

Lisa M[1] - Copy

PS: Congratulations on such a great second issue and such an impactful entry into the print market! The magazine is punchy, forward and full of imagery and information pertinent to today’s multifaceted lifestyles. That said, what made you decide to incorporate the print component as opposed to purely online – the tact most new and established publications seem to be taking?

LM: Thank you for your gorgeous feedback. In absolutely everything we do I try to go off trend and flip the expected. So, if everyone is going online we’ll do the opposite.  Having said that we do have a large and growing online presence.  We’re extremely active with our wonderful community across social media and we are in the process of building a more comprehensive website. We’re also on tablet through the Magshop and Zinio apps.  Online is certainly a very integrated part of our play moving forward.

PS: Personally I am a big fan of print – I still go to bookstores, I buy physical magazines and have been known to cut out an article or two from the newspaper. Part of what drew me into Renegade Collective was the texture and personality of the magazine. As you move through the pages from insights to story, there is a tactile change from glossy to raw edge, what was the aesthetic decision behind the look and feel of the magazine?

LM: I wanted something really high quality and really gorgeous that just spoke to people.  It’s a magazine for creatives and entrepreneurs so we wanted to reflect that in the design. My design girls – Jade and Edie are just fabulous and they come up with great ideas every day. I feel truly blessed.

PS: As a fashion, style, beauty and entertainment blogger, I’m naturally drawn to the respective articles in Renegade Collective. What inspires your choice of brands/designers/creatives profiled and interviewed in the magazine?

LM: The entire mandate of the magazine is that it must be the story behind the story and each story must be inspirational and aspirational.  I will NEVER run a story on a brand for brands sake and will never do fashion or beauty just because. The brands have to have intrinsic consumer meaning and the founders have to be willing to be really open and honest and talk through the hard or personal stuff.  We want our readers to be inspired, to learn from everything within the magazine and to feel like they too can start a business or succeed in their existing business.  Its all about saying that anything is possible and trying to give real life examples of how this plays out.

PS: It’s great to see bloggers such as Zanita Morgan and We The People, have a standout voice within the pages of Renegade Collective, in your eyes, what sets them apart from the pack?

LM: I get so incredibly inspired by bloggers and people who can build their own brands these days.  With online truly anything is possible and this has opened up all sorts of opportunities so I love showcasing stories like this to inspire others to do the same.  We will definitely be showcasing a lot more people in this space moving forward.

PS: What was the biggest inspiration or ideal behind the creation of Renegade Collective?

LM: Like many of our readers seem to be, I was sick of the salacious gossip and vacuous content that appears in many media. I wanted to do something different. That could inspire and speak to people and give everyone hope and dreams and to show that with a great idea and a good dose of tenacity anything is possible.
Lisa Messenger

You can pick up your own copy of Edition 2 at any leading supermarkets or newsagents but if online is more your style you can subscribe or download the digital copy through Zinio, Magshop on either The App Store or Google Play.

Keep up the great work Lisa!



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Mia Freedman and the Renegade Collective: Our Two Minutes

Jordana Ripp : May 15, 2013 2:18 pm : Beauty, Interview, Lifestyle

Mia Freedman… Australian entrepreneur, radio personality, online media trailblazer, publisher and founder of widely successful website Mamamia and now covergirl of newest title on our newsstand, the newly re-branded Renegade Collective. In an honest and informative account of her rise from blogger to household name, Mia talks to The Collective about the experiences and lessons that got her to where she is today. Perth Style was also lucky enough to throw some of our own questions Mia’s way and this is what she had to say:

Mia Freedman

PS: We loved hearing your candid account of the inception of Mamamia and the ups and downs that go with entrepreneurial endeavours, what did you find was the biggest hurdle you faced when taking the step from blog to a fully fledged business?

Mia: Working with my husband! (lol) Actually the most challenging part was disentangling me from writing 100% of the content to taking the role of editor/publisher. We were worried the audience wouldn’t accept that but it ended up working really well and I was relieved to broaden the site’s appeal and viewpoint to be more than just mine.

PS: With online growing exponentially and media conglomerates moving heavily into the virtual market, what do you believe is the fate of the printed word?

Mia: I think there has never been a more challenging time to work in the media. The biggest obstacle for print is the frequency and ability to respond in a 24 hour news cycle. Those who will survive and flourish will offer something different, something more evergreen.

PS: As bloggers ourselves, we are constantly researching and brainstorming new and innovative ways of engaging our readers through social media. What would be your advice for staying fresh and ahead of the curve?

Be a sponge. Soak up everything from the inside so you can understand what your audience wants. To do that, you have to be your audience. Talk with them not at them.

PS: Mamamia is the go to site for everything concerning women today whether it’s fashion, motherhood, business, entertainment or politics. Do you think the entrepreneurial opportunities for bloggers who wants stick to a niche space are limited by the lack of topical broadness?

Not at all. In many ways, having a niche makes your audience easier to explain to advertisers who often view women in fairly one-dimensional ways. One of the hardest things we’ve had to do is educate advertisers that women don’t see themselves as ‘yummy mummies’ or ‘fashionistas’ or ‘Gen Ys’. The key to online success is to be passionately interested in whatever you’re publishing. You have to live it. And niche bloggers who do it well, are borderline obsessed. That’s a good thing!

(And lastly for our fashion followers)

PS: What staple beauty and fashion piece could you not live without this winter? 

Oh, so many! I’ve bought some stretchy, leather-look leggings that I’m going to wear with boots and long tops. And I have about half a dozen pairs of ankle boots on high rotation. For beauty….Sodashi skincare and Ecotan – it’s a totally natural body moisturizer with a hint of fake tan. I’m lathering the stuff on.


Thank you to the amazing Mia for chatting to us (there were many squeals in the PS office when we found out we had the opportunity to interview Mia!) and sharing her insights. Pick up a copy of the Renegade Collective at all major newagencies, supermarkets or subscibe online to read The Reinvention of Mia Freedman – a must for any budding blogger, entrepreneur, mother, online enthusiest or just the general population as whole!

Stay tuned for our interview with the woman and powerhouse behind Renegade Collective – Lisa Messenger – to be up on Perth Style soon!


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Messenger Collective: The Newest Magazine to Rock Our Shelves!

Jordana Ripp : March 7, 2013 9:45 am : Fashion, Lifestyle

Whilst doing my usual newstand Wednesday morning run, I started piling up the usual suspects into my already shopping laden arms when I notice that amongst the Vogue, Marie Claire, Instyle and Scoop Magazines I have also grabbed something called the Messenger Collective? A quick assessment of the Lorna Jane (can I please have that body!!) cover and ‘Launch Edition’ tag had me dropping all my bits and pieces to further inspect this new face I was seeing.

Messenger Collective

Messenger Collective is exactly what it purports to be – a culmination of  game changers, thought leaders, rule breakers and style makers all coming together to produce Australia’s answer to the ultimate business of life magazine. Our ever increasing need for knowledge and the advancement of streamlined technology has lead to an age where we’ve seen the advent of the personal brand take off, online start-ups flourish, global fashion and style accessible via the virtual world and a collective emphasis on health and wellbeing grow exponentially.

Messenger Collective

All this said,  we are now looking beyond our regular sources of information and to more innovative streams that address this new more entreprenural life format. For me the Messenger Collective fills the gap between business and lifestyle to create an all encompassing ‘go to’ source for the latest and greatest in tech, welbeing, health, life, fashion, style and business.

 Messenger Collective

Helmed by publisher and author Lisa Messenger, her Editor’s Letter explains that the magazine is aimed at those “Who are emotionally invested and not just “Working for the Man”, who believe their voice means something and that corporate logic or rhetoric isn’t always logical”. I don’t entirely agree, the Collective provides an inspirational and motivational platform that has the potential to encourage those less engaged to think a little differently as well as creating a landscape for those already “emotionally invested” to grow.

Messenger Collective

For me, the Messenger Collective is ‘must have’ on your informational rotation. Jump down to your local retailer and for $9.95 you can see what I’m raving about!

Congratulations to Lisa and the whole Messenger Collective team on an influentially fabulous first edition!

Happy Messenger Collective-ing!


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