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Messenger Collective: The Newest Magazine to Rock Our Shelves!

Messenger Collective

Whilst doing my usual newstand Wednesday morning run, I started piling up the usual suspects into my already shopping laden arms when I notice that amongst the Vogue, Marie Claire, Instyle and Scoop Magazines I have also grabbed something called the Messenger Collective? A quick assessment of the Lorna Jane (can I please have that body!!) cover and ‘Launch Edition’ tag had me dropping all my bits and pieces to further inspect this new face I was seeing.

Messenger Collective

Messenger Collective is exactly what it purports to be – a culmination of  game changers, thought leaders, rule breakers and style makers all coming together to produce Australia’s answer to the ultimate business of life magazine. Our ever increasing need for knowledge and the advancement of streamlined technology has lead to an age where we’ve seen the advent of the personal brand take off, online start-ups flourish, global fashion and style accessible via the virtual world and a collective emphasis on health and wellbeing grow exponentially.

Messenger Collective

All this said,  we are now looking beyond our regular sources of information and to more innovative streams that address this new more entreprenural life format. For me the Messenger Collective fills the gap between business and lifestyle to create an all encompassing ‘go to’ source for the latest and greatest in tech, welbeing, health, life, fashion, style and business.

 Messenger Collective

Helmed by publisher and author Lisa Messenger, her Editor’s Letter explains that the magazine is aimed at those “Who are emotionally invested and not just “Working for the Man”, who believe their voice means something and that corporate logic or rhetoric isn’t always logical”. I don’t entirely agree, the Collective provides an inspirational and motivational platform that has the potential to encourage those less engaged to think a little differently as well as creating a landscape for those already “emotionally invested” to grow.

Messenger Collective

For me, the Messenger Collective is ‘must have’ on your informational rotation. Jump down to your local retailer and for $9.95 you can see what I’m raving about!

Congratulations to Lisa and the whole Messenger Collective team on an influentially fabulous first edition!

Happy Messenger Collective-ing!


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