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Mia Freedman and the Renegade Collective: Our Two Minutes

Mia Freedman

Mia Freedman… Australian entrepreneur, radio personality, online media trailblazer, publisher and founder of widely successful website Mamamia and now covergirl of newest title on our newsstand, the newly re-branded Renegade Collective. In an honest and informative account of her rise from blogger to household name, Mia talks to The Collective about the experiences and lessons that got her to where she is today. Perth Style was also lucky enough to throw some of our own questions Mia’s way and this is what she had to say:

Mia Freedman

PS: We loved hearing your candid account of the inception of Mamamia and the ups and downs that go with entrepreneurial endeavours, what did you find was the biggest hurdle you faced when taking the step from blog to a fully fledged business?

Mia: Working with my husband! (lol) Actually the most challenging part was disentangling me from writing 100% of the content to taking the role of editor/publisher. We were worried the audience wouldn’t accept that but it ended up working really well and I was relieved to broaden the site’s appeal and viewpoint to be more than just mine.

PS: With online growing exponentially and media conglomerates moving heavily into the virtual market, what do you believe is the fate of the printed word?

Mia: I think there has never been a more challenging time to work in the media. The biggest obstacle for print is the frequency and ability to respond in a 24 hour news cycle. Those who will survive and flourish will offer something different, something more evergreen.

PS: As bloggers ourselves, we are constantly researching and brainstorming new and innovative ways of engaging our readers through social media. What would be your advice for staying fresh and ahead of the curve?

Be a sponge. Soak up everything from the inside so you can understand what your audience wants. To do that, you have to be your audience. Talk with them not at them.

PS: Mamamia is the go to site for everything concerning women today whether it’s fashion, motherhood, business, entertainment or politics. Do you think the entrepreneurial opportunities for bloggers who wants stick to a niche space are limited by the lack of topical broadness?

Not at all. In many ways, having a niche makes your audience easier to explain to advertisers who often view women in fairly one-dimensional ways. One of the hardest things we’ve had to do is educate advertisers that women don’t see themselves as ‘yummy mummies’ or ‘fashionistas’ or ‘Gen Ys’. The key to online success is to be passionately interested in whatever you’re publishing. You have to live it. And niche bloggers who do it well, are borderline obsessed. That’s a good thing!

(And lastly for our fashion followers)

PS: What staple beauty and fashion piece could you not live without this winter? 

Oh, so many! I’ve bought some stretchy, leather-look leggings that I’m going to wear with boots and long tops. And I have about half a dozen pairs of ankle boots on high rotation. For beauty….Sodashi skincare and Ecotan – it’s a totally natural body moisturizer with a hint of fake tan. I’m lathering the stuff on.


Thank you to the amazing Mia for chatting to us (there were many squeals in the PS office when we found out we had the opportunity to interview Mia!) and sharing her insights. Pick up a copy of the Renegade Collective at all major newagencies, supermarkets or subscibe online to read The Reinvention of Mia Freedman – a must for any budding blogger, entrepreneur, mother, online enthusiest or just the general population as whole!

Stay tuned for our interview with the woman and powerhouse behind Renegade Collective – Lisa Messenger – to be up on Perth Style soon!


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