Organic Beauty: A Grown Philosophy

I’m not sure about you, but the older I get the more I start to freak out about  getting older (and everything really) and have become more conscious of what I’m putting in my body (I certainly don’t need to add to those pesky designer bags under my eyes!). I can’t say I’m a die hard health fanatic (I do enjoy a rather toxic martini every now and then) however I will go out of my way to buy organic fruit, vegetables and other products whenever possible . Last year I was inspired by a girlfriend to spend a couple of months eating completely organic and I can tell you it was the best diet I’ve ever been on. Not only did I manage to shed some kgs but I felt ah-may-zing in mind and body. Unfortunately this process requires a lot of time, forward planning and effort to keep up (we live in Perth and there isn’t a Wholefoods Market available on every corner to cover our organic needs) and in a world where the New York Minute applies globally, I managed to slowly fall back into old habits.

I may not be as organically strict with my diet anymore, but there are other ways to help keep those pesky toxins and additives at bay. Our skin is the largest organ we possess and maintaining it’s luster and vitality has been a priority for woman (and men) for centuries. Trying to find the right concoction or potion for your skin can take years and cost the earth, sooooo why not try going organic!


Perth Style was given the opportunity to trial the gorgeous range of products available from Organic Alchemist – Grown and hands down have become a convert:

Grown Body Cream $27AUD

The Body Cream not only left my skin feeling silky and hydrated but left me with the wispy impression of just having taken a long summer stroll through a meadow (corny as it sounds, you’ll know what I mean when you try it!). The concentration and texture of this cream is perfect if you, like me, don’t like heavier lotions. With active ingredients including Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, the light citrusy consistency combined with the deep hydration left my skin perfectly prepped for a the day.


Grown Body Exfoliant $34AUD

With active ingredients including pearl proteins, ylang ylang and peppermint, you can imagine the indulgent treatment I was subjected to with this exfolient. Applied whist showering, the gel constancy is filled with varying sized protein beads to scrub away those dead skin cells and replace with moisturizing ylang ylang and peppermint, leaving you with that refreshed and renewed glow.


Grown Matte Facial moisturizer $60AUD

I am very particular about what moisturizer I use on my face as thicker hydrators tend to cause me to breakout and lighter consistencies leave my skin dried out by the end of the day.  The Grown Matte moisturizer is however, that magical balance between the consistencies. I have to say that when I applied the first dab I was a little hesitant as the heavy infusion of organic oils was very evident in the feel, however as soon as it was massaged into the skin, it sunk in quickly, easily and automatically leaving an overall feeling of silky evenness. The antioxidant properties of Acai Berries and Sesame Seed to help reduce shine, ensured that my skin retained its matte look and feel through out the day.


Available online or at David Jones, Myer and any reputable chemist, the Grown products are certainly worth investing in and now as a permanent fixture in my beauty routine, I can’t wait to try the suite of other products they have available!

(P.S. and I now know what to get my beauty crazed friends this Christmas!!)


Happy Organic Living!


<3 PS xo