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Scarface Revived: Ae’lkemi SS16 Couture Collection


Michelle Pfieffer Scarface

We all know Scarface. Even if you haven’t seen it, you know it. From the Tony Montana one liners to the Miami lounge suits and tommy-like guns reminiscent of Cuban yesteryear. As one of the most iconic mob films to date and a plethora of early 80’s opulence, the film has spanned 30 odd years as a pop culture symbol of underbelly swagger and notoriety… And with a reported remake underway, we can expect to see revived interest not just in film spheres but across various creative platforms.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s break out role as Tommy Montana’s wife Elvira Hancock, found increased attention blending strength, self destruction and beauty to make her likeness and style an inspiration of 80’s luxe and a look that has been emulated and reimagined on red carpets and editorials the world over.

My favorite reimagining yet comes from fashion designer Alvin Fernandez, who is certainly no stranger to faceting unique inspiration from all mediums. The Australian based designer drew inspiration for his latest ae’lkemi collection from Elvira’s aesthetic, as well as Hieronymus Bosch’s infamous work, Garden of Earthly Delights. The resulting collective exudes temptation and makes you wish for any excuse to indulge in these pieces of fashionable art.

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Fusing 80’s elegance and edge, the collection presents a strong focus on the playfully erogenous parts of the female body, specifically décolletage, thigh and back. The contrast of light and dark, emanating good vs evil, are all nods towards Bosch’s influence and ties in harmoniously with the sequins, jerseys and hand beaded lace aligned with Elvira Hancock’s beguiling style.

Intrigued? Head to www.aelkemi.com or follow their world on Instagram and Facebook for the latest collection updates.


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