The SteamPod Revolution: Home Edition

We can all exhale now, the Steampod home edition has arrived – and yes I know I’m a little late as it has been on the shelves for a couple weeks but I’ve been too busy having fabulous hair! Now officially added to the list of what to take if the building is burning down, I have no idea how I existed B.S. (Before Steampod). Not only does it look super sleek, but it sleeks out my tresses resulting in healthy shiny hair (ok so “sleeking out” not grammatically correct but I’m coining it as the act of straightening using the Steampod – don’t worry you’ll find it in Wikipedia soon!).


The system is very similar to that of the in-salon version and works by infusing steam into the hair cuticle with pro-keratin. It’s very easy to use and once you’ve filled the water capsule, applied the Pro-Keratin treatment and obviously turned the straightener on, you are ready to go! I’ve put together some pictorial tips for using the Steampod and how to get the best results:


BEFORE – you see what I have to deal with!?!: Once you’ve evening distributed the Pro-Keratin cream, dry hair off to approximately 80%

Section hair starting with the lower sections first – and just incase you are wondering, that is not a white hair you see in this picture, it is a highlight which you can clearly identify in the pics below (or so I choose to believe!)

Take a small section and glide the Steampod slowing ensuring that the steam nodules are facing down (there are arrows on the device if you’re unsure).

First section done with healthy shiny results!

Continue this sectioning process up the scalp until complete and voila!

Before (eek!) and After (yay!)


The SteamPod process is a little different from that of using a regular straightener, you need to be a little more strategic and concentrated, however once I worked out how it best worked for my hair there was no turning back - I could do it with my eyes shut! The best part for me has been the time saved in styling – I used to rough dry first, then paddle brush it as smooth as possible and finally run the straighteners through it. With the SteamPod I’m cutting out a whole step! Now if they could only create a travel version I’d be totally set – I’d never have to worry about frizzy hair ever again! *hint hint*

The SteamPod is available from any Maurice Meade Salon across Perth and retails for $270AUD.

Happy SteamPoding!!


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