The Hustle Bag: Charging Phones Fashionably

[By Jordana Ripp]

Haven’t heard of Hustle yet? Living in the past? Let’s jump to the future with today’s coverage of the Hustle Bag from BRW,  radio stations, your favourite fashion and tech blogs, newspapers and magazines, which all point in one direction – that this little accessory is set to explode into the market in a big way. Pioneered by Perth based husband and wife duo Lisa and John, the Hustle range not only is a sleek and stylish edition to your wardrobe, it has the ability to avert disaster i.e. it charges your smartphone!! No more running to the nearest power outlet or desperately trying to find someone with a spare lead – this little genius has you covered!

I sat down for coffee with the gorgeous Lisa to get a hands on look at what will likely be my most coveted purchase this year and chat all things Hustle:

The Hustle Clutch in Blush and Black Snake

The Hustle Clutch in Blush and Black Snake AUD $139


PS: How did the idea for the Hustle Bag come about?

L: The idea came out of sheer frustration at the inconvenience of a phone with a poor battery life. I was tired of having to carry a phone charger around in my bag and sit near a wall while my phone charged, or worse having a phone with no battery!  Besides the inconvenience of not being able to answer calls from customers or emails from suppliers, I just don’t think it is safe to be without a phone – what if there was an emergency! My husband and I started trying to come up with ways to solve this problem – as everyone seemed to be having it.  There are battery packs that one can use, but they are bulky and pretty ugly.  We came up with Hustle as a way to make technology fashionable as well as functional.
John, the technological and developmental brains behind Hustle, set about finding the best way of incorporating charging capabilities into something his fashion forward wife would want to carry.
The result is a labour of love for us.  We have spent every spare minute outside of our day jobs developing a high end, luxurious and technological product for both women and men.

PS: How does the bag logistically work?

L: All the Hustle styles (Bag, Clutch or Wallet) work in the exact same way. They all have a Hustle battery pack built into them which has been specially designed to be slim and lightweight, but with enough power to charge any smartphone up to 4 times.

The phones connect to a cable in the bag, as the battery is inbuilt and can not be seen or taken out. When the actual bag or wallet needs a charge, you simply place it on the wireless Hustle Charge Pad, and it charges wirelessly.
We have worked hard to make this a high quality product – the leathers, finishes and technology are all the best you can get, and unlike anything else out there!

The Hustle Bag with cross body strap AUD $179

The Hustle Bag with cross body strap AUD $179

PS: The notion of crowd funding has exploded in the States with so many new products finding valuable funding via this route. What made you decide to use Indiegogo to help fund the Hustle production and what hurdles have you encountered with educating the Australian market?

L: We decided to launch our product through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo as a means to raise the funds we needed to produce the first run of Hustle bags and wallets.
We have been following crowdfunding websites for a while.  They are so big in America, it has turned into something of a phenomenon. The products that are being developed through crowdfunding are so exciting, and nothing like what you will see in the shops – at least for another few years!  The design and technology products in particular are really exciting and advanced.
We decided to go this route as we thought it was a great way to get our product out there to the people.  In doing so, we could introduce Hustle to the world and get the funding we needed for the first run of bags.

The major hurdle has been introducing the crowdfunding idea to basically everyone we have encountered – not many people have heard of it, or really understand it. The idea of “pre-ordering” a product before it is even made has been something people have needed to get their head around.


PS: Will we eventually be seeing the Hustle bag in retail stores or will it remain a purely online product?

L: Right now, the Hustle range is only available online at
This is through the Indiegogo campaign which runs until August 21st.  For the duration of the campaign all styles are available at greatly reduced prices. When the Indiegogo campaign is over, we will be selling them through our website at full recommended retail.
We are in talks with distributors and retailers, so in the not too distant future we will have retail stockists too, which is very exciting!

The men's Hustle Wallet AUD $159

The men’s Hustle Wallet AUD $159


PS: What is your personal favourite colour and style in the Hustle collection?

L: Definitely the Hustle Cross Body Bag!  While I honestly think they are all fabulous and so functional, the bag has been my go-to style. I love the fact that it has the detachable cross-body strap.  It is so convenient to just attach it, put the few essentials I need into the bag, wear it across my body, and go about my day with my hands free and my phone charged! I am a big fan of black, it is basic and classic and goes with anything and everything I wear.


I am personally so excited to see my iPhone in this bag come September and a huge thank you to the smarty pants team Lisa and John for literally making life just that little bit easier!

For more information and to preorder your own Hustle bag, jump here!