Whitney Port: Perth Style’s Five Minutes

Viewing the New York Fashion Week shows is an amazing experience in itself, but having the opportunity to view a designer fitting is really what made the week, for me, come to life. Perth Style was amazingly lucky to sit in on Whitney Port’s model fittings for her line Whitney Eve.

Met by her New York based CAA (Creative Artists Agency) assistant Jorden Solomon, we made our way down to her studio in Soho. Dressed in comfy casualwear and minimal makeup, a glowing Whitney answered the door as we arrived. The space was beautifully set up - used primarily as a jewellery designer’s studio, the rusticly luxe feel of wooden floor boards, exposed brick and one specaular chandelier  all came together to create a perfect setting for viewing the Whitney Eve collection.

As we were given the tour, Whitney talked about her collection and the models and you could see how passionate she is about her line. A mix of pastels, pattern and creative use of shape (totally digging the backless cutout blazer!) draped the racks lining the walls. With her team working away at a large wooden table in the corner and her seamstresses busily fixing and touching up pieces in the other corner, I would have expected it to be a flurry of activity and panic, however Whitney exuded a calm confidence brought the room to a more laid back level.

The Whitney Eve Collection – Image courtesy of Whitney Eve

When the model arrived, she was dressed and asked to walk the length of the room so they could see how the fabric and cut moved on her body. Adjustments were made and the process was repeated until Whitney was happy with the result. Photos were then taken by Whitney and her sister Paige (seriously gorgeous and super smiley!) and then added to the rest on the pinup board.

As we finished up I chatted to Whitney about her trip to Australia and how excited she is to have Sportsgirl stocking her designs, along with online boutiques The Iconic and My Catwalk. Having just gotten off the red-eye flight that morning from Los Angeles, and going straight to her fittings, it’s clear Whitney is a hard working individual who is dedicated to creating her brand outside the realms of reality TV and into a respected designer.

The gorgeous Whitney and I (ummm why can’t I look like that without makeup!!)


I had such an amazing time that afternoon and would like to thank Whitney and her team for opening their doors to Perth Style for such a rare inside view of the makings of a MBFW New York show. Also many thanks to Jordan from CAA for organising the catch up, your a superstar!


At Fashion Night Out in Soho

For more information on the show and Whitney Eve you can visit her sites: Whitney Port and Whitney Eve

<3 PSxo