Winston Wolfe: Designer Spotlight

Whilst reading the Spy Style piece, the newest collaboration with Vogue Oz and the glam girls at They All Hate Us, I came across a name I hadn’t heard before. This isn’t unusual in the every expanding landscape of Australian fashion, however seeing I’m all about aesthetics and could be convinced to buy anything if it’s packaged attractively (oh the stories… think pink hammer purchases and the 10+ empty Mount Franklin special edition sparkling water bottle collection I have going), I was curious of who this awesomely named Winston Wolfe was having been lumped in with the likes of Balenciaga, Céline, Saint Laurent and Dior.

Winston Wolfe is now my new best friend (move over Jen!). With the essence and appeal of Alexander Wang, Winston Wolfe’s AW13 leather collection has me excited for the winter months. The structured and androgynous feel brings an individuality and unique flavour to the use of leather.

Jordana’s “I NEED” Winston Wolfe Wish List:

Definitely worth jumping on the site to claim some new pieces for Winter and the bonus is the prices are very reasonable (Jen – hint hint my birthday is coming up!)


Happy Falling in Love with Winston Wolfe!


<3 PS xo